The advantages and disadvantages of drones applications

With the development of technology, the use of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is extensive, we common function is the use of drones, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can reach people cannot reach area, give people different scenery. Have you ever heard of any use other than the use of drones?

Drones are so popular that the management measures will soon be announced, and more and more people are concerned about the safety and impact of drones. Indeed, unde our impression that uav is basically used to take image, the uav has in fact a number of serious and serious applications.

Transporting drugs to prison

Since 2014, there have been a number of cases in the UK where drones have been smuggled into prisons. Moreover, the trend is increasing year by year. According to statistics, there have been at least 33 cases in 2015, and the shipment of drugs, mobile phones, chargers, usb sticks, etc., are contraband. The British prison says it has posed a clear threat to the prison.
The British government has set up an investigative team to prevent drones from smuggling goods into prisons. It will work with the police and prisons to track down people who smuggle them to prison by flying them back from the prison.
Due to the small uavs in certain situation doesn't attract the attention of people, so a similar problems, but also from the side reflects some negligence, the administrative department, after all, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) add to the illegal behavior, but not all SINS upon it, after all uavs are tools, problem or out in the management and the people.

Terrorists use bombs

The price of civilian drones is not only popular with ordinary consumers, but terrorists are also eyeing the novelty. Weaponization of commercial drones is nothing new. ISIS has used drones as a weapon of their own, but has recently gone further, converting them into bombers. According to Kurdish media reports, the ISIS drone has caused civilian casualties and damaged equipment. So far, ISIS has not used them for chemical weapons.
Even has revealed that the terrorists used for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is domestic large xinjiang, they also default its products were used by terrorists, later in the software upgrade, big jiang updated its "geographical fence" system, set up a new "no-fly zone" in the Middle East. The system is often used to prevent customers from flying their drones to restricted areas such as airports, prisons and power stations.
I am afraid, but even so it is difficult to ensure that terrorists will not continue to use the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), design the product itself is not, for this purpose, after all, it is hard to imagine that will be used as a terrorist attack. To this end, Iraqi forces have anti-drone weapons, including jammers that look like machine guns, allowing some models of commercial drones to "blow up".
For the negative use of uavs, we should take some measures to protect the drones against us. The British prison has used a drone jammer to stop the drone smuggling. In many cases, we can use the signal jammer device to protect our privacy when it comes to the threat that drones pose to us.

Drone delivery

Of course, these alternative USES of drones are not only negative, but there are also many things to do with popular life, such as delivering goods and shipping. Four years ago, amazon bezos revealed a secret project: the autonomous "octocopter" drone. With this kind of flight equipment, Mr. Bezos says, there is no need to send packages to customers via UPS and FedEx. There was a lot of skepticism at the time, but it wasn't until the amazon project was made public that it attracted enough attention and understanding.
It wasn't long ago that amazon began its first delivery test to show that amazon was absolutely serious about its autonomous drone delivery program. The company's distribution system is expanding. It is not only that many international and even domestic express business companies in amazon are concerned about this business opportunity and begin to conduct relevant tests and researches.
However, it is still a big problem whether it can be carried out in the end. After all, there are still many problems with uav delivery at this stage, such as insufficient efficiency, delivery safety and so on. But the attempt was encouraging, after all, the train did not run fast at the beginning of the invention, but no one would have laughed at it now.

The cost of spraying a drone is low

As a result of the development of modern agriculture, it is common for aircraft to spray pesticide, but although it is efficient, the price is not too cheap. As a result, drones have demonstrated their unique advantages, and are very popular because they only need to be recharged and do not require too much sophisticated training and operation.
Recently reported, shandong has begun ShiFanTian somewhere a spray is three unify operations, by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) carry pesticides can achieve rapid spray evenly and compared with the traditional artificial way and has a higher efficiency than the plane sprayed with low cost a lot, because can be more than one operation at the same time, so the efficiency is also more secure. It's also a good use of drones.

Uav first aid to transport wounded medicine

Argodesign design companies have a crazy idea, they want to use a standard four axis aircraft design a frame for a person to take care unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), it can by GPS control, also can be the pilot control. Such a rescue drone can quickly send emergency experts to the site, and it can land anywhere.
Although this idea is crazy, because of technical difficulty is higher, but if successful will be very necessary, after all normal helicopter rescue is expensive, and the actual operation difficulty is high. Drones can save lives as quickly as possible by delivering injured or first-aid drugs.