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Bluetooth mesh technology application in intelligent lighting


The development of science and technology has led to the development of mobile devices. The popularization and development of mobile devices cannot be separated from the generation of wireless networks, while wireless networks include wifi and bluetooth. Nowadays, bluetooth and wifi have become an indispensable part of our life, especially the wifi network. The wifi network mainly displays in connection with Internet connection, while bluetooth is mainly used for mobile smart home devices, etc., they are very important to our life promotion.

The wireless signal technology is likely to affect the quality of our life, so wireless bluetooth jammer equipment arises at the historic moment, specifically for those bad for people's life level of the signal is blocked.

Commercial lighting itself is ready-made interconnection network, then introduce the wireless mesh network, for commercial and industrial facilities to provide a kind of improve the operational efficiency and support innovative ways of new business opportunities. Retailers will be able to offer in-store navigation and customized promotions; Hospitals will be able to track patients and equipment; The factory can perform automatic monitoring and maintenance. Companies can intelligently control lighting and room temperature, and monitor occupancy and security. With its unparalleled ubiquity, reliability and interoperability, the bluetooth mesh network transforms smart lighting into a wireless connection platform.

Bluetooth mesh is largely designed to solve such problems, especially for commercial lighting systems. For wireless protocol designers, supporting multicast operations involving multiple sets of devices can be challenging. Wireless lighting switch, for example, it can control a set of the floodlight that contains more than a dozen devices, each light must be controlled by the switch lights up when the user to open the switch, not only cannot have significant delay, also must at the same time open. Easier said than done, especially when the walls and other environmental factors cause signal attenuation or interference. When we use wireless dimmer switch to replace the light switch in the scene, the difficulty will be greater, the switch must be able to provide in the form of natural, make users happy smoothly, timely and accurate synchronization lighting control response. Wireless technologies that were initially designed for simpler use cases such as smart thermostats will struggle to meet these requirements.

Bluetooth mesh is a full-stack solution that covers wireless communication from the bottom layer of the stack to the top level specific application behavior. Lighting is an application in the field of bluetooth mesh. By introducing features specifically designed for lighting systems and other applications, the role of bluetooth mesh extends far beyond mere wireless data communication systems. It can support the general requirements for "out-of-the-box" lighting and ensure interoperability among different manufacturers.

Bluetooth and wifi are frequencies of wireless signals, and wireless network security includes their security.It is very important to use WiFi jammer for WiFi security hidden trouble.

The implementation of all mesh application behaviors is through the software module called "model". The bluetooth alliance defines a set of standard models that are carefully selected to meet the specific needs of the product. Lighting products that can easily have the lighting features, such as supporting sensors work, and that these features can integrate directly with lighting, in the form of the main features, without external controller.

Bluetooth beacons can be used to help visitors find the right light in the building by using a smartphone app. Lighting systems that can properly locate personnel and physical assets in a building. Can use the occupancy rate data and personal preference to coordinate multiple system changes, to build the optimal personalized building environment automation system. Low-power wireless mesh network will Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy) multivendor interoperability, Low power consumption and Low latency traditional advantage into the field of commercial lighting, such as to create a reliable, sensitive, safety, and scalable wireless lighting system.