What are some of the behaviors you hate in a movie theater?

With the improvement of living standards, watching movies has become a way of our daily entertainment. In life, there are new movies that we are interested in, and we will go to the cinema with friends. This is a great way to relax your body and mind, and it is also an activity that enriches our life.

With the development of film career, new movies a lot, but we do not often go to watch, because we have a busy job, busy work, we occasionally watch movies for our life and work are very good. Movies give us different experiences and enrich our visual world.

It's not just the movie theater, it's a similar situation, the opera house, the concert hall has a similar uncivilized behavior, and the most obvious one is the practice of making calls during the period.So theater concert hall has install signal jammers as a solution.

Although the improvement of people's living standard brings us great convenience and abundant life experience, it also brings us some small problems. Now watching a movie at the cinema, and most of them will bring snacks, such as popcorn, watch over dinner, snack voice interference we watch the movie, watching a movie on our experience caused some trouble, what do you think of this kind of behavior allow exist in the cinema? Are you bored with this kind of behavior?

In the process of watching movies at the cinema, there is always some people got a phone call from a friend, they have no outside to answer, but directly directly speaking loudly in the movie room, this kind of behavior is also very not civilization, first of all, they didn't consider others feelings to see a movie, affecting others watching movies. This behavior should be strictly prohibited. But did not get effective treatment, so I suggest that can be installed in the movie room electronic signal jammer, an adjustable signal jammer, interference movie theater mobile signal, only left the movie theater, and cell phone communications back to normal state. It's a better experience for people watching movies.

Uncivilized people make uncivilized behavior, in the cinema the man sitting behind you put your foot chair, obsessed with their own comfortable, don't consider the feelings of others, this is very irritating. When we watch movies, meet this kind of situation, we often well-meaning remind him, don't do such a thing, but some people did not listen to, but the more unscrupulous, and for the people, even more angry.

Watch a movie in a movie theater, usually watch a movie quietly and talk as little as possible. On the one hand, I want to watch the movie better for myself. On the other hand, I also want to not influence others to watch. This is a question of civilization, and we should all consciously abide by the rules. But when we watch movies, we always encounter such behaviors, which is very bad for our experience. They talk all the time, like a machine, without stopping. This kind of behavior also makes us very angry, don't you think?

There are many such behaviors in our life, not just in the cinema. Of course, in addition to the above behaviors, you can also see the uncivilized behavior of the movie theater, what behaviors affect you to watch the movie? What do you do with these behaviors?

The cinema has such behavior, what measures should the cinema take? How to ensure that customers have a better experience in the process of watching the film and not be disturbed by the outside world, this is a movie theater to consider. In addition, if you are facing the interference of mobile phone, you can consider using the signal jammer, and the cinema will install only the mobile phone signal and wifi signal in the range. If you don't have these devices in the movies you're watching, would you consider carrying a portable signal jammer to protect yourself from watching movies?

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