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Theater concert hall has install signal jammers


With the improvement of people's living standard, watching movies has become an important hobby for people. It is an important activity for them to relax and relax. But being distracted by noisy phone calls can backfire by causing them to be grumpy.

A movie at the cinema, we often encounter those who play the sound on the phone, their voice seriously affected the experience we watch movies, which made us very angry, we had to stop for their behavior, but did not use. Is there any compulsory way to deal with the interruptions of watching movies? Answers are yes, France in order to protect the good experience of the audience watching movies, protect the normal performance hall, has begun to install and use the cell phone signal jammers, after the movie was so interference behavior will not exist.These signal jammer price are cheap and powerful.

The fact that the audience is watching the movie is not going to show up in France any time soon. Industry minister said that minister of industry approved a decision that would allow the mobile phone to be instal in theatres, music halls, theaters and the like, with the proviso that telephone of emergency services remained unblocked.

The ministry of industry and industry said in a statement that the industry minister, divid, supported the decision last Friday to allow the telecommunications authorities to allow movie theaters to install mobile jammers. But the minister noted that emergency telephone service and calls made outside theaters and other venues should not be affected. Australia: the opera house and other venues ban mobile phone ringtones.

The President of the national federation of cinemas in France said the measure was a response to a "longstanding call" for cinemas across the country. He told French radio that the movie theaters had invested heavily to improve the cinema's comfort, "the decision to approve the installation of the mobile phone disruptors would be a cherry on this cake."