Military exercises reflect the importance of GPS signal to the military

GPS signals are a familiar signal, used in our cars, phones and smartwatches. The development of science and technology is more widely used in GPS technology, and it is also very important in military use. In the modern battlefield, GPS signals are related to the existence of an army, and may also be related to the survival of a country. Having a GPS jamming device is equivalent to having a protective umbrella.

For GPS signal tracking, tracking and other problems, GPS jammers can intercept them well. So GPS signals and GPS signal jammer are very important militarily.You will learn more about the importance of military exercises in the United States.

Rare according to the report, the U.S. air force announced that 18-1 "" red flag exercises the obvious main merits, in nearly a month of exercise, the United States and its Allies advanced aircraft will take off two times a day of day and night operations to perform complex environment, the drill is also a red flag exercises from the launch in 1980, the largest and the most close to actual combat exercises, and the air force hopes to integrate warships and allied air force us the services under a unified command, fused into one large" air assault group ", a high strength of modern air combat and air strikes, "defeat all opponents.

Us military experts said, in order to maximum limit, close to the field of American troops at closed exercises regional GPS signal, which means that a large number of domestic civil aviation flights were seriously influence, this also shows that the exercise is "real" from the side, or not to make such a big sacrifice. The us military believes, in the fight against competitors, the country is likely to have the ability to interfere with the GPS technology, so ready to the worst, in the absence of GPS to help fight, show us the real power.

Military experts said the recent U.S. already at northeast Asia was a very large military force, means of war is very strong, in the U.S. also held at home in the history of the largest red flag exercises, it shows that American troops are actively preparing for war on the peninsula, for us to prepare provocation, China and Russia has issued the strongest warning: never allow door riot, China and Russia will work closely, as much as possible in order to prevent conflict, and it will be like to go to war with no red line between China and Russia.

According to the "air force times" web site reported on January 30, the U.S. air force has confirmed that the United States air force started on January 26, has been launched in the history of the largest "red flag" 18-1 air drills, exercises will be continued until February 16, the assembled, including air force, navy, marines, hundreds of fighters, bombers and attack and awacs, also invited several Allies to cast, including Australian air force, the Allies sent a large number of joint operations simulation. It is worth noting that the us military has made no secret of the fact that it is preparing for war.

Many important facilities in our lives need GPS satellite signals to guide the direction, GPS interference, can cause serious loss, even cause irreversible accidents.Hostile foreign forces interfere with GPS? "McCain" collision ship conspiracy theory is rampant.GPS satellite positioning signals and navigation need to be used in any country, industry and industry, so long as the signal is blocked, it is highly likely to have serious consequences.


Posted by Juatoer 2018-06-20

Yes, GPS is very important in every field of a technology, not just militarily, to prevent possibly brought about by GPS technology problem, also can use the GPS satellite signal jammer device.