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Classroom play mobile phone phenomenon should be treated strictly

With the popularity of smart phones, mobile phones have become a plaything for many people, especially among teenagers, especially in this period. Here is the phenomenon of college students using mobile phones. Their use of mobile phones in the classroom has become a bad climate. Not intentional study, play games with mobile phone all day, watch video, watch news, chat and so on. This is not only not responsible for themselves, but also the disrespect of teachers' labor, which is extremely bad behavior.

How to ban the use of mobile phones in the classroom has become a headache for many colleges and universities?Some universities have said that the use of mobile phones will be penalized or punished, but they have not paid off. Also some university in the front of the classroom put some bags to student's mobile phone, the purpose is to let students in class during the phone into the bag, at ease, a beginning is probably better, to the later is also gradually have no effect. This is causing headaches for many school leaders.The cell phone jammer kit is used in the important exam, is to prevent cheating, can be used in the classroom?

Class, the students play the mobile phone has become a problem of teaching and student management, the serious influence to the quality of the students' learning and training talents, also seriously affected the teachers' teaching emotion and teaching effect, it is to should control well, it's time for a good governance.

A man's cloud makes a good teacher. Teachers should strictly manage and strictly enforce the discipline of college students in class and fulfill the responsibilities of educators. From a teacher, when he came into the classroom, the moment a podium, has meant that not only the lecture speak well, but also to students of class strict management and strict requirements, it is teachers' classroom teaching. So, the teacher in the college students on the first day of class rules, students are required to pay attention to your teacher in class, prohibit to play mobile phone, to teach students don't listen to repeatedly in addition to confiscate the phones on the spot, and depending on the situation according to the provisions of the teacher deducted grades, let students play with the mobile pay the necessary cost. For mobile phone confiscated students, some teachers under the class, he also some teachers after a week he still, some teachers to transfer counselor to him, these practices to control students class play mobile phone has played a certain role in promoting.

Therefore, it is necessary to have practical measures and methods to control students' mobile phones in class. To strengthen the idea of education, it is one of the most common methods to enhance students' awareness of the harmfulness of mobile phones. To make students fully understand the importance of class and its significance. The school is a concentrated place for young students to study, and the class is also the main channel and basic link for students to learn in this particular environment. If do not take the classroom learning, don't seize the teachers' classroom teaching the basic link, playing mobile phone in class not focus on listening to teachers lecture, so, he is hard to complete their studies smoothly, it is not easy to cultivate yourself as pillars just motherland construction need.

Two pieces of cloth were hung on both sides of the classroom table, with many small cloth bags marked with student's name or student number, and now someone called the phone to absorb the bag, or the cell phone bag. As soon as the students enter the classroom, the first thing is to put their mobile phone into the small cloth bag. Meanwhile, the monitor or the study committee is constantly urging the students to put the mobile phone into the small cloth bag. Before the formal class, the teacher should check again. If you find an empty bag, you should ask what the reason is, and the effect is still very good.

In addition, we know that the school has a mobile phone jammers installation, when to use them in some important exam will be open, this is to prevent students through mobile phones and other electronic equipment the phenomenon of cheating. If the phenomenon of using mobile phones in students' classroom has not been well solved, we can consider turning on the mobile signal jammer. Many schools have adopted this approach, and many parents support it. Of course there are objections, and they think that the radiation from the signal jammers could pose a threat to their health. The problem can be solved from a comprehensive perspective, such as ordering a small amount of radiation that can interfere with the signal of the cell phone so that it can solve the problem well.

At the same time, there is a plan to organize "why do I come to school, what do I do in the classroom, what do I do when I leave school?" Big discussion, in order to clear learning objectives, learning attitude, thoroughly understand the dangers of playing mobile phone in class, to enhance the enthusiasm of learning, the classroom consciously do away from mobile phones, don't want to, don't play mobile phone, pay attention to your teacher, seriously do the class notes, actively participate in teaching activities.

For this problem of should schools prohibit students from using mobile phones?I think this is a very clear question, because almost all schools now have a signal scrambler.That is to acquiesce that schools should use such coercive means to ban mobile phones, especially in the classroom, or in important exams.

But for students, our main purpose is to give priority to with education, let them know that classroom behavior of mobile phone use is not good, is unfavorable to their development in the future, let them learn in the two aspects of the use of mobile phones and learning, to set, it can achieve the goal of teaching.


Posted by Kintiven 2018-06-15

Yes, the popularity of smartphones has poisoned too many young people, especially contemporary students. So schools install mobile phone jammers is also very necessary, though it has a lot of people object to, but at the same time, also has a lot of people agreed, specific need to see, for my personal point of view, I very much hope students can take more time to their study, rather than a mobile phone.