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How do you keep your phone from being tracked and method?

It has become a habit for people to carry mobile phones when they go out. How to prevent the phone from being tracked and positioned? Who is being watched, especially on their mobile phones. It would be a threat to our lives if we were targeted by criminals. Here are some tips on how to track your phone.

Shutdown will not be able to be located?

In the movie series, there are some pictures: the main character is to prevent the tracking and the decision to turn off the phone. But will it prevent the phone from being tracked?

Smart phone development and GPS tracking technology.

From the aspect of software, if someone will you of cellular phone away, special hardware modification, so even if no software camouflage shutdown, travel out of battery, the battery power supply, your phone will be traced.

In general, such software runtime is to invoke the GPS and network, shutdown of power consumption will be higher, so if you find your phone after shutdown for a period of time, boot found significant power loss, or routine use of cell phones but traffic consumption obviously, might be commandeered, trying to identify the best.

Several reasons why you are being tracked

  1. GPS network channel: the accuracy is very high, can be accurate to 10 meters or even a few meters, need mobile hardware GPS template support, now the general cell phone has this template.
  2. WiFi channel: the location is calculated via wi-fi hotspots, and multi-user indoor positioning is accurate. Usually management software on the mobile phone positioning of APP permissions is very sensitive, because in the case of a turn off GPS, they can locate to your location, is through the signal is calculated with wi-fi hotspots.
  3. Base station location: even if you don't send GPS coordinates, your phone can reveal your location. As long as the cell phone and the tower generate communication, the other person can understand the general position of you by triangulation (comparing the strength of the phone signal between the towers). Criminals should not use this method because of the need to obtain data for moving **, but law enforcement authorities have the right to require operators to provide relevant data.

Even take out the SIM card will also be positioning: take out the SIM card may prevent most cyber criminals, but every cell phone with a unique identifier, can be used by the police and the military Stingray and other equipment, or set up by the NSA 2 g false detection signal tower.

Ways to prevent cell phone from being tracked

In theory, the simplest and most brutal way to do this is by taking off the phone's battery. In theory, your phone will not be able to communicate with the outside world without the energy supply. However, this method has been largely ineffective, and most of the phones on the market are non-removable batteries, which are extremely inconvenient to operate.

The virtual location creates a fake location to confuse the other person.

Using a cell phone jammer diy is also a way to prevent the phone from being tracked. A lot of mobile phones on the market at present is not to remove the battery, so that it no use for us to remove the battery, while the use of cell phone jammers are different, no matter what, as long as your cell phone jammers can work, you can avoid tracking by phone.