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Wifi alliance announced a new generation of WPA3 safety standards

Although the popularity of wifi has not been solved properly, the wifi security problem has not been solved very well. It is an important problem that has troubled our security. In current wifi encryption methods, didn't have very good protection for our information, thus using portable wifi jammer further protect wifi network security and intercept the wifi signal is the choice of most people. Even if new wifi encryption is introduced, will it be safe?

The wi-fi alliance, which includes apple, Microsoft and qualcomm, announced on Monday the next-generation wireless network security standard, WPA3, which will replace the WPA2, which has been in use for nearly 20 years.

One of the goals of WPA3 is to address a common security problem: open a w-fi network. The open WiFi network in cafes and airports is convenient, but not encrypted, so that everyone can intercept data from other devices on the same network.

WPA3 using independent data encryption, thus it can be to protect the connection between the device and routing to ensure data security, avoid the user to access web site have been tampered with.

Another key upgrade of WPA3 is the defense of brute force cracking, which makes it difficult for attackers near WiFi networks to guess the password in this way. The new wireless security standard will shield the attacker when the speculation is too high.

The WPA2 standard was rolled out in 2004, using four hands to authenticate the device. New WPA3 is using a new handshake, thus not vulnerable to dictionary attacks.

The wi-fi alliance announced that it would begin popularizing the more secure WPA3 encryption protocol by the end of 2018.

What security issues are addressed by the WPA3 protocol?

Prevent hacker violence from cracking passwords. For hacker attacks, the "WiFi alliance" says that WPA3 can directly lock the number of attempts to crack.

The security problem of wifi network has always existed in various countries in the world. The encryption methods of wifi are also gradually improved, and new technologies will be cracked by hackers.Wifi encryption and three security modes.

You can use your mobile phone, tablet computer and other devices to make your device more convenient. Users can use his cell phone or tablet to simply set up an internet-connected device without a screen, such as a smart speaker.

Personalized data encryption. It is a function of encrypting the connection between each device and the router or access point.WPA3 can assign different encryption keys to different devices, so it can effectively reduce the risk of attackers by grabbing bags, offline analysis and extracting passwords.

Encryption standards are more demanding. A set of 192 security suite, with the national security council national commercial security algorithm (CNSA) compatible suite, will further protect the wireless network has a higher safety requirements, such as for government, defense and industrial network, etc.

Is put forward a new way of encryption, but there is no application, so the wifi security issues still didn't get the further solution, and even a new way of encryption, also can be breached by hackers, it's just a matter of time. To truly protect wifi security, using a portable wifi jammer is still the choice of most people, a simple and very effective solution.