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GPS application technology important way for police to fight criminals

As is known to all, crimes in our society does not decrease, in today's peace in many countries and regions, there are many kinds of criminal activities are common, such as sexual assault, robbery, smuggling and other criminal activities are frequent. Is there really no solution to these criminal activities? Can't the corresponding measures be taken to prevent or strike? Recently, a lot of news on the Internet has reported that using GPS technology to crack down on criminal activities of criminals is likely to achieve certain results. Let's take a look at some interesting cases.

GPS technology has important applications in all fields of society, not only to help fight crime, but also to be an important technology in GPS system military and public transport service applications.

Vijaya Rahatkar, of the national women's commission in maharashtra, said she was dissatisfied with the number of crimes committed against women by the national crime records bureau in 2016.

Government in 2016 forced ordered all mobile phone manufacturers on the phone with a panic button and the global positioning system (GPS) technology, in order to help troubled women, but in November last year, the function and the acquired immunity of smart phones, maker said it will increase the cost.

"More than 30,000 cases of violence and attacks have been registered against women, and many of the perpetrators of these cases are known to the victims. I don't feel good about Numbers. "Everyone, the government, society and the police must take steps to eliminate this threat," she said.

NO mobile application is unique, in addition to send help information to the police, the alarm will activate a fixed number of emergency contact, the application of call center and GPS location near the application of other users.

The application is a geo aid mechanism developed in collaboration with KEM hospital in Charite medical university in Berlin. It is sponsored by the German chemical company bayer.

Nasik's rural police are planning to install a global positioning system on their anti-team vans. So that senior officials and control rooms know where the truck is, so that the nearest van can get to the scene. This would save unnecessary losses and the capture of criminals.

Under the background of this kind of crossing road, there is the phenomenon of robbery on the highway. In April 2015, five policemen posing as police officers robbed a van, worth 1.628 billion rupees, near nasik on the mumbai-agra highway.

Similar crimes have been reported in remote rural areas. Countryside, therefore, the police have been deployed 10 patrol car, the police car from 6 PM until 5 o 'clock in the morning appear constantly, in order to prevent the criminal crime, at the same time, the patrol may aid during the call to get anywhere, and destroy the criminal illegal and criminal activities, to ensure the safety of the people's life and property.

Some senior officials say they will soon be installing GPS systems in lorries. This can be accurately obtained after the vehicle has been hijacked, which will help officials guide the patrol car to the site and instruct the patrol to operate in areas where the police visibility is low.

But there are also some problems with the possibility that criminals could use portable GPS jammers to block GPS signals and make vehicles disappear within the police's control. More measures should be taken to address such behavior.

Agra: national consumption tax department will be the first to adopt GPS (global positioning system (GPS) trucks to transport the needed for the production of alcohol and other items, such as syrup, alcohol, bottle, wrapping paper, seal through the country. Officials say the move is aimed at rampant smuggling of alcohol. Each batch of baijiu will have a unique batch number attached to the GPS system to track the cargo in real time. GPS will also show the drift of normal routes and the delay of any vehicle at a location.

Rajendra Prasad, a regional consumer official, said: "the state has introduced a GPS tracking system under the new consumption tax policy. The batch number will contain all the details of the goods. The GPS system will not leave the scope of the smuggled wine. "

Under the new arrangement, the state's sugar mills, wineries, wineries, bottlers, distributors and retailers will have to keep their gps-equipped tankers and container trucks. To this end, a list of vehicles and transport vehicles will be created, which will be transported in the state or within the state, said a senior official in the sales tax department.