United States and Russia over GPS on offensive and defensive war

Whether in the digital map to determine the general location, or "taking the huanglong" guide precision-guided weapons, satellite navigation and positioning has now become an important part of modern military GPS system one of the most mature is the United States. But there are endless counter-measures on the battlefield. According to the Russian newspaper izvestia 25, the new generation of Russian GPS jammer is about to be equipped in spite of an escalating us GPS system.

The U.S. GPS satellite upgrade is not idle

The United States is also aware of the vulnerability of GPS signals to interference and updates of GPS anti-jamming technology. The third generation of GPS satellites in the developing world has been able to increase the size of the M code with better anti-jamming capability. According to introducing, current GPS satellite launch two code: civil coarse capture code (C/A code) and military pure capture code (P code), in which military code available only to the U.S. and its Allies or the administration for approval of users. Because of the limitation of original design with the current GPS satellite failed to achieve complete separation of civil and military signals using P code to capture first C/A code, under the civil signal lead to access. And spend more than $5 billion, by the U.S. air force is responsible for the control of the third generation of GPS satellites to achieve the complete separation of military and civil signal signal without civil signal guide the military can direct access to the M code signal, fundamentally improved the security of the military signals.

The third generation of GPS satellites also has a more unique trick, which enables the redistribution of signal transmission power, which can deny and block the use of the enemy. Because the Clinton era has been cancelled to increase the interference in the civil code, reduce the precision of the policy, the current GPS civil code has enough accuracy for weapon guidance, many not ally of the United States also can use GPS civil code for guided weapons. While the new GPS satellite is separated from civilian signals, the satellite can be used to disable the civilian signal used by the enemy in a particular area, while keeping the encrypted military signal used by the enemy.

Users around the world tend to connect to wi-fi networks that are not securely reinforced, rather than password-protected networks. Compared with Europe and America, mobile users in Asia are most inclined to connect to an open network.

In addition, the receiver side, the United States through the electromagnetic shielding, spread spectrum and adaptive antenna and GPS receiver digital technology, anti-jamming filtering, land-based pseudolite technology enhance the receiver anti-jamming performance, etc. The U.S. department of defense has purchased more than 200,000 anti-jamming systems for the precision guided weapons such as jdam. In addition, the United States is studying low-cost inertial navigation technology as a backup method for GPS. Some gps-guided weapons also use lasers, thermal imaging or radar guidance. Another counter way to the United States are working on is for the GPS function of GPS jamming homing guidance weapon to increase, if the enemy's GPS jammer, GPS automatic homing devices will lead ammunition to these interference sources.

Russian version "full band block"?

Reported that novy vzglyad decided to troops equipped with a new type of "magnetic field - 21" electronic interference system, so that in a certain area is used to protect facilities from Russian military targets and the national important strategy using satellite positioning system guidance of cruise missiles, enemy bombs and drone attacks.

According to the introduction, this latest electronic jamming system is developed by the Russian electronic countermeasures technology center, which is mainly installed in the cellular tower. It makes a network of r-340 RP radio jamming stations and transmitting antennas, and even the entire region can't receive navigation satellite signals. The representative of the Russian defence ministry revealed that the current interference system had been tested and decided to equip troops. Independent Russian military expert lavrov said, all is from satellite navigation principle of satellite navigation system on the emission signal, so the scheduled frequency deviation will lose even with millisecond precision. While modern jammers can effectively block satellite specific frequencies, it is not very difficult to interfere with them. Now all satellite navigation system in the world is using 1176.45 and 1575.42 MHZ frequency range, and "magnetic field - 21" to the range of all signal interference, quite a bit of science fiction "the whole band jam" flavor. According to the introduction, since the new jamming system is anti-osmotic interference, a jamming transmitter with a power of 20 watts can be used to cover the GPS signals within a radius of 80km.

Russian experts say the r-340 RP radio interference station is installed directly on the cellular tower to ensure maximum interference coverage. In addition, not only can the power supply be obtained directly from the tower, but it can also be used to transmit the GSM format of the receiving antenna as the backup control channel and data. The main drawback of this model, of course, is that it not only interferes with the GPS system used by the enemy, but also interferes with the Russian GPS user and the Russian satellite navigation system of the "glonas".

Russia interferes with GPS "fruitfulness"

Russia and the United States have been fighting with GPS for decades. In the early 1990s, Russia launched an early electronic jammer that purports to disrupt GPS positioning devices on American precautionary machines. As the U.S. military has become more dependent on the GPS system, Russia's jamming devices are escalating.

In the Iraq war, 80 percent of the precision weapons used by U.S. troops were GPS. Because GPS satellites are more than 20,000 kilometers away from the ground, the GPS signals received by the ground are relatively weak and the interference is not high. Equipment developed by Russian interference in different phases of the missile flight can be on GPS signal interference and shielding, especially for "tomahawk" cruise missiles and other long-range missiles fired, more serious influence. At the end of the missile flight, the jamming signal even stops the missile from locking the target. The Iraqi side then used a GPS jamming device allegedly from Russia and had an impact on U.S. operations. President bush was said to have even called Russian President vladimir putin for the event. Germany's military technology magazine reported that in the end because of a great disparity in strength, and Iraq to get only a handful of GPS jamming device at the time, can't connect the network, these devices are eventually destroyed by us troops. In recent years, south Korean media reported that north Korea has had a number of massive GPS interference with the country, which also originated in Russia.

GPS satellite positioning technology plays an important role in all international military affairs, and the reasonable mastery and use of GPS technology can play a crucial role in military operation.The application of jammers in the military field.

Even more troubling for America is the proliferation of GPS jamming devices. According to us media, there will be tens of thousands of entries on Google now, with "GPS interference". Even the average person can save the equivalent of a GPS jamming device, according to online methods.