The application of jammers in the military field

Military use jammers we often see in movies and TV series, a kind of box-sized device, with antenna design, click on the switch. Russian military warning uav using satellite navigation attack risk.

South Korea has confirmed that when the U.S.-ROK military exercises at Pingyang Island on the sea on December 20, the DPRK's unmanned reconnaissance operations undermine the ROK GPS global positioning system, the UAV can not exert a military effect.

According to South Korea's Central Daily News reported on December 23, a senior South Korean government official said South Korea's military training to South Korea did not play the role of reconnaissance of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft because of South Korean military intervention on South Korea's remote control. He quit the Hanfang Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft and enjoy other smart devices.

He also said that the South Korean authorities in the Korean War intervened in the electronic warfare response while protecting the Korean military radar and electronic equipment. He reported that according to South Korean military sources, the DPRK has significantly strengthened the combat effectiveness of GPS interference recently and has occupied the frontcourt with the participation of special electronic warfare forces in Kaesong and Haejang. According to South Korean military reports, North Korea used two major buy cell phone jammer devices that used to buy around the GPS country. Most recently, North Korea is developing its own autonomous device.

On March 25, a meeting of the Central Committee of the United States in Leknan, the Central Command of the Cartel, announced that the coalition forces had destroyed six Iraqi GPS interference systems to disrupt the joint satellite positioning signals. Meanwhile, U.S. President Bush called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to accuse Russian enterprises of selling weapons to Iraq. The Iraqi resistance movement used these weapons to attack coalition forces. Bush specifically mentioned the satellite signal interference. White House spokesman Ali Fleischer said Washington is concerned about reports of Russian companies providing GPS-jamming equipment in Iraq. However, Russia categorically denies the provision of these devices. US Military Weapons: GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) is a location-based user in the United States that uses a wide range of satellite positioning systems around the Earth for accurate satellite 24 satellite calculations. Because of its accuracy of no more than 10 meters, the U.S. system has played a huge role in its widespread application in the Gulf War, the Kosovo War and the Afghanistan War. In order to improve the accuracy, the U.S. Department of Defense added 4 satellites in actual operation, so the total number of satellites is 28 and the corresponding accuracy is increased by at least 7 meters. Coupled with the use of the US military can better compensate for the difference between atmospheric encryption receiver, you can achieve more accurate real-time accuracy. The U.S. military has been developing high-tech and armed high-tech. GPS is an important part of it. With the increasing reliance on the U.S. military's GPS global positioning system, the United States is very much afraid of the devastating interference it has caused by the global positioning system. Therefore, under the leadership of the Air Force, the U.S. Defense Department continues to take all measures to protect the integrity of GPS signals and enhance their immunity. These include: increasing the power of satellite signals, improving signal processing capabilities for more advanced aircraft, ships, land vehicles and GPS receiver weapons, developing new military codes, and better anti-interference capabilities.

When thousands of U.S. missiles attacked Iraq, the United States suddenly won the blow. Are these missiles wisely used? Why exactly after hijacking Saddam Hussein's missiles did not achieve their intended purpose? When the United States military discovered a geospatial Global Positioning System scrambler system in Iraq, Iraq had its own rival, the GPS scrambler system, in order to awaken their dreams. This United States is furious because at least one of the missile costs they have already fired can not reach its intended target, and is thousands of bust nuclear missiles high? ! The United States GPS scrambler system immediately set about destroying Iraq.