Describe what is a phone jammer blocker?

Cell phone jammers is the floorboard of all interference signal equipment, if the subdivision of cell phone jammers can be divided, depending on the type of shielding signal interference GSM signal is also known as the GSM jammer, since it is difficult to interfere with the characteristics of the signal, so it is independent, in many web site, we can see that most of them are classified with mobile phone jammers is compartmentalized, shielding also become 3 g of 3 g signal jammer, block 4 g signals of 4 g cell phone jammers. At present, the above signal types are mainly applicable to countries and regions of the world. For these signals, they are almost universal. 5 g signal is being telecom research around the world, now with productive, but hasn't popularization, believe the future will occupy the vast majority of market share, 5 g and will bring huge impact, both for people's life and the development of science and technology.
At present, the market for mobile phone shielding products are called: interfering cell phone signal, cell phone jammers, jammers, mobile phone protection instrument, in fact, these are the same products, the functions are Also unique, namely: is a separate electronic equipment, each of which can basically act on multiple communication bands, including GSM, DCS, CDMA, PHS and even 3G. Slick on the smartphone screen, smart phone protection system, cell phone signal protection system, in fact, these are basically play the title: Now there are some so-called OEM manufacturers, or the OEM supplier name conjured as follows, The practice of changing the soup, the product or the type of product, deliberately put the original product on behalf of the item on the slightly more than the first term, so that users feel like a new idea or that the product has a lot of improvement, more Such as the so-called "smart phone protection system", obviously sold a single mobile phone signal jammers, but also called "protection system" it there is a deliberate advertising product too complicated.
 We still believe that: 4G Mobile Phone Jammer is a single point of the shield work, can not be called protection system, can be called the protection system, is through a centralized control means a number of shields to form a set Can be a unified control of a highly centralized shielding job.
Our company has developed a series of smart phone shielding network management system, "the first to open the previous domestic industry, it is based on power support technology to achieve long-term intelligent management of the integration program (220V / 110V / 380V, 50Hz / 60Hz) to transmit the control signal, you can remotely control a number of units (usually more than 10) installed in the use unit on a Computer phone signal jammers, Mobile phone interferometer.Can reach point control, group control, total control, you can regularly check and plan arbitrary planning schedule, you can automatically query, automatic alarm (failure of automatic request of phone jammers or shield) and so on.
If you really need the use of equipment signal interference, because you are on some high technology products (such as a mobile phone, a GPS transmitter, wifi, Bluetooth, etc.). If the process is preferably used by a signal blocking device to help you achieve the objectives
High power in this adjustable 3G 4G jammer by the AC power adapter, suitable for use in a fixed location, if you need to get more useful information, and make decisions so as to low price to get a high quality product, then you can read the following examples adjustable high power 3G 4G jammers, then you know the name of this large power adjustable mobile jammer is "adjustable powerful mobile phone desk jammer and blower "Cooling", and by the following for details.