UAV jammers debut in Shanghai Anbo

Drone jammers, intelligent security robots, security detectors, AR glasses... Many frontier security devices have been unveiled in Shanghai.
Today, the 17th Shanghai international public safety products fair (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai anbo club") has opened at the expo exhibition hall in Shanghai, with nearly 300 well-known enterprises from home and abroad participating in the exhibition. The exhibition will be held from 24th to 26th this month, with police equipment exhibition and intelligent transport exhibition.
Directional drone jammer  and intelligent security service robots stand out as the latest security devices.
The shape is like a sniper rifle, the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) interference by interfering with unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control link and navigation links, so as to achieve the aim of from drones or forced it to land, to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace.
After being hit by it, there are usually three possible patterns. According to the drone's setting, the first one is the autonomous return. The second is a suspension, and no one can blow away in the wind, driven out of the no-fly zone. The third model is a decline, which is dangerous, and falling too fast can hurt.
In addition, a white intelligent security service robot is conspicuous. It looks like a Disney animated character "baymax" and has special abilities. According to the exhibitors, it has intelligent systems and sensor devices similar to the human brain and eyes and ears. It integrates advanced technologies such as map synchronization construction and dynamic path planning, which can independently patrol and intelligently monitor.
For example, in crowded areas or other special occasions, the robot can move autonomously, by capturing portraits, analyzing sound characteristics, and then identifying target objects. This way, the target can be found in the first time. The robot's environmental sensors can be monitored for environmental safety.
At the exhibition, the closest home defense products to the general public are also numerous. The development of remote monitoring technology has enabled the Internet camera and other technologies to enter thousands of homes, while smoke, fire, gas leak and even burglary can be alerted to the alarm by the security probe and prompt on the user's mobile phone. Smart pension devices can realize real-time viewing of elderly people's physical condition through the Internet.
In addition, there are also "anti-collision columns", "acoustic shield", AR glasses, self-service patrol car robot and other cutting-edge security equipment.
Shanghai ambo will be jointly sponsored by the public security bureau of the ministry of public security, the Shanghai public security bureau, the Shanghai security alert association, the municipal public security association and the Shanghai municipal security service industry association. In the past two decades, Shanghai anbo has provided a platform for the development of Shanghai's safe city.