Correct use of jammers do not use it as a criminal tool

The group that committed the crime during the payment process was more secure than installing portable jammers at all ATM corners. For Banks, this is public performance, and nothing is more consistent than considering security. Even so, retail banking is a costly business, with someone in the car or lobby. However, this is a place where I want to avoid paying attention and become troublesome, and thus commit criminal ACTS.
The mobile phone interference device has full spectrum interference, and the remote interference shielding device can reach 50 meters. This is a very useful jamming machine device used in meetings/meetings, libraries, schools, places of play, etc. It can effectively block the signal, and the operation is very simple. It's also very powerful, and it's a good device for those things that need to be kept quiet and need to be kept secret.
People feel that the presence of mobile phones in corporate boardrooms can cause problems and even disrupt meetings; Cell phone jammers can shut them out at the workshop; Interruption of the project description and introduction in the negotiation room; More serious is the possibility that the negotiations will not succeed, or worse, though not all of them. It can be seen how important it is to have a mobile jammer in these situations. Of course, there are two sides to everything, and some extreme criminals will use these jammers to steal, track individuals, and even threaten people's lives. If the goods are marked as shoplifting prevention, because it is a candidate trying to remove from the store, it will be, as long as the response to the safety gate at the exit. So thieves seem to like the idea of "smart zone coverage". So their success rate will be greatly increased, and the risk will be reduced. But don't forget that now is the age of technology information, and any crime will be discovered and will pay for its own behavior.
By issuing the same frequency radio waves from mobile base stations broadcast information of weak radio waves, stop the communication, the location of the subsequent registration, in order to exclude the polling, portable terminal display become out of range, communication deterrence. Moreover, cheating is not only the frequency of mobile wireless's most popular 2.4ghz wireless cameras. It corresponds to all the mobile phones and PHS in the United States.

I bought a  portable cell phone jammer device that was manufactured in the region of the other radio waves in North America, but would try again to tweak domestic innovation. Although changing the voltage of something to play with a variable resistor, I don't know how to properly really do not have the spectrum analyzer, the fun sex is one of the articles.

A policeman has arrested a man in Chicago for his life. It looks like I used a commuter train to block radio waves in the morning. I was a big reason unknown, according to the report, "someone answered the phone in the car, and black device has been put into interference is removed five antenna approaches" is a few months ago to enter the police because also provides photos, police released photographs on the Internet, Chicago transit authority, it promoted the federal communications commission (FCC) joint investigation.
Don't use your cell phone to make unpleasant noises! We should build a quiet environment together. Of course, you won't be able to connect to the network, so you'll be able to focus on your work, or other important things.