In 2016 Chinese police forced UAVs to descend using UAV jammers

A new Spring Festival gala in xi 'an was interrupted by unmanned aerial vehicles. Police positioned and turned on the drone to disrupt the probe.
Xi 'an jiaotong university, "the news" reported that xi 'an branch of Spring Festival gala evening gala attracted numerous aerial photography enthusiasts, police found unmanned aerial vehicle ignored the temporary air traffic control measures interference late February 6, the rehearsal, they used the interference detector makes its landing. That night, when entered the countdown to the rehearsal, xi 'an branch of Spring Festival gala is responsible for the security work of the police patrol, found that in addition to a closed circuit TV in the sky, there is an unmanned aircraft, satellite system satellite system.
Xi 'an municipal public security bureau said south street police station policeman rehel JMJ BeiLin branch, contact municipal public security bureau police through open the uav jammer system (uas), the aircraft landing, "this plane is satellite precise positioning, we forces took control of the owner after landing in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)."
The drone, whose owner is a man in his thirties, took control of the plane in the hotel car park near the clock tower. The boss told the police that he was a fan of the plane, and that night he had just thought that the south gate of xi 'an was very beautiful, so he took a picture, and he never thought that it would interfere with the Spring Festival rehearsal.
Mr. Liu said it would not only disclose the content of the Spring Festival gala, but also interfere with normal aircraft, citing the shooting of drones. The police removed video, which was taken by a drone on the scene, and criticized the owner for the public security penalty.
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