Is your cell phone information secure

In the case of smartphones popular now, the mobile phone into the country, almost everyone has their own mobile phone, mobile phone security problems more and more get the attention of people, became the most concerned topics, they are the most important thing in today's information age. Their information can be found on mobile phones, and they start buying and using cell phone signal jammer to protect their mobile phones.
Apple's iOS has long been known for its closed and secure features, and in contrast, open source android is like a sheepfold without a fence, allowing hackers to attack. No, android has another bug.
According to the news, a new hole in the MediaProjection feature service has been exposed. Using this vulnerability, an attacker can record the sound and screen activity of a terminal device.
It's a little scary, recording screen activity, and that's not a minute of privacy? Recording your voice, you're being monitored for 24 hours.
How many devices are infected? About 77.5 percent of Android devices are estimated to be affected by the vulnerability.
So what's the end of this loophole, love push game net small edit to check the data. MediaProjection is a since launch existed in Android system level of service, responsible for the collection screen, but in order to use it, the application needs to have root access, and signature of the device system key must be used.
In other words, there was no way in the early days of OEM to use this service. With the release of Android Lolipop (5.0), GuGe has opened the service to everyone. This allows Android APP developers to collect user's screen content, or record system sounds, without having any of the above permissions or user authorization.
Anyway, this service has a big security hole and is easy to use to collect personal information.
But now Android has only been patched for 8.0, and we know that 8.0 has a poor share of the system, so a lot of Android devices now face security threats. But don't worry too much about the fact that the WIFI leak was so frightening the other day that it's time to open up the data, isn't it the same as usual?
So, everybody should use just how to use, as long as stick to the formal application store to download software, do not have the problem of the word on mobile phone commonly.
If you're still worried about your mobile phone security, you can use some of the permissions on your phone. You need to guard against your mobile phone, which is our important communication and property tool. A lot of our information is on the phone, and if you're still worried about your phone's information security, I suggest you use a cellphone signal jammer.