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portable mini style powerful mobile cell phone jammer


With the development of GPS tracking technology, more and more devices into the GPS chip, they can become we are tracking tools, the application of GPS tracking technology in many ways, they put a GPS in on very small things, and then install in our nearby, in order to implement tracking for us. This is where you need a GPS jammer to go with your car charger. As mobile phone, mobile phone has become the necessary tools for our life, give us convenient also caused our noise, such as portable cell phone signal blocker jammer is what you need at this moment.

The 3 antennas mini shape portable powerful cell phone blocker jammer can effectively block the GSM, CDMA and GPS signal. It has a very convenient, compact, lightweight, and radius of 15 meters. Important features of low cost. You can use it to help your car from GPS tracking and use a - GPS tracking technology of mobile phones and it is easy to use and hide. In addition, jammers can block 3G signals if you need to. With this jammer, you can stay away from tracking, harassing, and protecting your privacy. It's the best tool to protect your whereabouts.

Frequencies Supported:
GSM (925MHz - 960MHz)
CDMA (851MHz - 894MHz)
PCS (1930MHz - 1990MHz)
DCS (1805MHz - 1880MHz)
GPS L1 (1500MHz - 1600MHz)
Jamming radius: Up to 15m
Output power: 2.4W
Weight: 400g
Dimensions: 113 x 60 x 30mm

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