6 Bands portable cell phone jammer signal gps blocker device


Why do schools use cell phone jammers? The answer to this question is obvious. Students' use of mobile phones will affect their learning. Schools install jammers to block the signal of mobile phones and stop this kind of mobile phone playing.

In recent years, the use of smart phones has been increasing, and all kinds of Trojan viruses have increased the frequency of users' mobile phones. As cryptocurrency prices soared, new types of viruses followed. In addition to stealing personal data and extorting users, the criminals also used fake security software to kidnap your phone to dig the mine, causing property damage and damaging the phone's performance.

The Mobile Security software contains a Trojan virus called a.g. ray.downloi.a. Is Loapi variant of the virus, the virus often hidden in safety, pornography of counterfeit software, the virus also built-in mining module, once started, the user's mobile phone will be without knowledge, by its as Monroe currency (one encryption currencies) of mining machine. And mining can overuse the phone's performance, and the constant 100% processor load can be more damaging to the phone.

In fact, in addition to mining risks, users may encounter other malicious behaviors in the process of software operation. For example, the virus will automatically pop up banners and video ads in the background, while private downloading irrelevant applications; The virus sends a text message that the user receives to a designated number, subscription service.

In the face of the threat of these viruses, the use of portable cell phone jammer is a safe way to protect the phone.

This is a 6 antenna wifi phone GPS multi-frequency signal jammer, portable design, which has good protection for your outdoor signal shielding and anti-gps tracking.With the rise of GPS tracking technology and harassing calls, the use of portable mobile phone jammers has become their main precautionary measure.