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Why do schools use cell phone jammers?

We used to be students at school, and we knew that the school had a box that was similar to the size of a speaker, and that was what we call a cellphone jammer. Why do schools install cell phone jammers? The answer is obvious: cell phone signal jammers can block cell phone signals and prevent cell phone use.

School equipment installed cell phone jammer device is mainly due to the increase of the number of students use mobile phone, almost every students have a smart phone, they can't very good control of mobile phone use, whether in the class time, or time to rest, they are not very good cellular phone down, to put energy into the use of mobile phones. What do they do with their phones? Many teachers have found that students use mobile phones mainly to play the most popular games nowadays. Games have become an important part of their lives. And many of the topics that they talk about in their daily lives are also about the game, and they're talking about it a lot of times.

Students use mobile phones in many ways, and the main uses are different, but almost all have nothing to do with learning. They are more entertaining. In the way of learning is very bad, the influence of mobile phone has occupied most of their time, they spend little time on study and rest, is not only impact study, this is bad for their bodies and growth. Moreover, the school knows that the students' use of mobile phones will greatly affect the school's various ranking factors, and influence the construction of school style, which plays a very bad role in the development of the school.

There are several reasons why the school installed mobile jammers, but the main purpose is to block students' cell phone signals and prohibit students from using mobile phones in schools.

First, the school uses the cell phone jammer, is for the student's academic consideration, the student is the future pillar of the country, the development of the country cannot be separated from generation after generation of students. Therefore, in the student era, the mobile phone can not be destroyed by a generation of talent.National important qualification examination uses cell phone jammer.

Secondly, the students' use of mobile phones not only affects their own learning, but also affects their health. They also bring down the school ethos and influence the development of the school.

cell phone jammer for school

Third, the school also reflects a responsible attitude, the school makes the place of study, is the place where teaching and educating people, the school is the place where the talent is cultivated. The vast majority of parents put their children in school, so that their children can learn more knowledge and become the people who contribute to the country and society in the future. Using cell phone signal jammers can prevent students from using mobile phones and spend more time on their studies and rest so that they can grow up healthily.

Finally, the mobile phone jammer used by the school is mainly purchased online, and the school staff will choose a jamming device suitable for installation in the classroom according to the school's use range. As you can see, the jammer equipment used in the general school is waterproof. It can be used not only in schools, but also in prisons or theaters, cinemas and so on. Mainly aims at the larger situation design, has a strong power, radius of interference can reach 100 meters, all the mobile phones can interfere with the frequency, you can also block wireless WiFi and bluetooth signals, built-in antennas, and easy to use, use just by turning on the power supply, high heat, can work for a long time, is to ban the use of mobile phones place important interference apparatus.

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