Your phone may cause cancer when you sleep

According to the daily mail on December 16, the California department of health warned that people should keep their phones away from their bodies to reduce cell phone radiation and risk.

On December 14, California issued guidance on reducing exposure to cell phone radiation, among them, there are plenty of evidence that cell phone use may be related to cancer, attention disorder, mental health and reproductive health problems.

Mobile phone commonly used low frequency radio signals to transmit information, and in this process, people may get bad radiation, especially when the flow type transmission or download large files. Radiofrequency (RF) energy mobile phones must transmit information through radiation, and research has shown that if people are exposed to their phones frequently, it can endanger their health.

While current research has not yet been able to definitively prove that cellphone radiation is harmful, there are plenty of studies that suggest there is a strong link between mobile phones and people's health, especially for children. Several cities, including Berkeley and San Francisco, have now received a notice from the state advising citizens to keep their phones at arm's length.

Dr Devra Davis, of the environmental health trust, said it was not wise to be on the phone, and in fact the handset makers themselves agreed. For example, apple added "rf contact" notifications to its iPhone Settings. The notification is that the iPhone's rf radiation range has been tested to be five millimeters away from the body, which is the thickness of a ballpoint pen, which is consistent with the safety standards of the United States. But the notice also suggests reducing exposure to radiation by using a speaker or a hands-free device, which is no different from new guidelines in California.

Dr. Davis says most people don't realize that this is a clear warning to keep the phone away from the body, not the phone. Particularly worrying is that most of the parents didn't even notice these warnings, and they failed to control their children and exposed their children to cell phone radiation.

Now almost everyone in every family have belongs to own a mobile phone, their children even without their phones, but they can use other mobile phone, they use a mobile phone to watch TV, play games, all the time in playing, it is very bad for their health of body and mind growth, but based on the family to the child's favor, now they don't have much discipline, so that their children addicted to mobile phones, they don't have any way to solve, in this case, I want to give parents a suggestion, if you don't want to tough discipline children to play with mobile phones, and love them, you can use a portable cell phone jammer, keep the cell phone no signal, so they have no network, nature can't play mobile phone, this is a good way for the family.

The California guidelines note that radio frequency may be more likely to penetrate children's brains than adults. Exposure to radiation can be more damaging and has a more lasting impact on children's brain development. Studies have shown that frequent contact with the device may cause a brain or ear tumor. Despite the relative lack of research on the impact of rf on children, many psychologists have warned that the use of mobile phones may be linked to teenagers' attention deficits, mental health and sleep problems.

Less than a week ago, France banned the use of mobile phones for primary and secondary school students. While the aim of the ban was primarily linked to mental health, experts worried about exposure to radiation agreed.

Other studies have shown a close link between the number and quality of male sperm. Dr Davies says studies in several countries have shown that the longer a phone is in a pocket, the less sperm it will have and the more damage it will be. It added that many people put their phones in their pockets every day, especially in the summer, when they have a better chance of getting close to the body.

Today's mobile phone signal using the weak signal, and the intensity of the signal is not been in terms of biological effects. It's not about the phone's energy problem, it's about the irregularity of the signal. According to the state of California, when an rf energy surge, exposure is very dangerous, especially when the device is used to increase radiation to transmit information.

The state's notice cautioned that when only two mobile phones or less signal, in the mobile car when answering the phone, or by trying to mobile transmission or download media to receive or send large amounts of data, don't let the phone close contact with the body. Citizens should use headset answering the telephone, sleep should keep phones away from the body (not under the pillow or bedside table), when travel, should put mobile phone in the bag, and don't put in your pocket or take on the belt.

Cell phones emit radiation when they are working, especially when they are on the phone. At night, the mobile phone is also highly radioactive, and should be closed as much as possible while we sleep, and our body will be affected by radiation in the long run. How to reduce radiation has become a research subject for many medical scientists and scientists.

Mobile phone use tips:

  • The use of radiation-proof and radiofrequency radiofrequency clothing, equipment and accessories does not work.
  • Use a mobile phone hands-free or headset to answer the phone to avoid contact with your ears and head.
  • Use text messages instead of phone calls whenever possible.
  • Do not put your cell phone in your pocket or waist. Put it in your handbag, backpack or briefcase.
  • The headset also releases a small amount of radio frequency, which is recommended to be worn only during the call.
  • Try to stay away from your cell phone while sleeping and not on your bed or bedside table.
  • When not using a mobile phone, please turn it off or in flight mode.