Studies found that prolonged use cell phone causes anxiety and depression

Smart devices have brought us a lot of benefits, which have played an important role in our life and enriched our lives. The generation of smart phones let us have more entertainment projects, and play the mobile phone has become the important things in people's life, they are addicted to playing mobile phones for a long time, this is very bad for their health, the study found that long time playing mobile phones can lead to anxiety or depression. Of course, there will be other problems, too much, and proper use of mobile phones will make our life more exciting. So in order to curb overuse of mobile phones, Using cell jammer for sale on the Internet is your smart choice.

Preliminary studies show that young people often play with their phones and may suffer from anxiety or depression. A includes more than 300 college students study found that frequent use of technology products have a greater risk of anxiety and depression, especially those who often use "security blanket" type equipment - which is to avoid dealing with unpleasant experiences or feelings. However, those who use smartphones to "kill boredom" or entertain are not at risk, says researchers at the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign. Nor did the device itself lead to mental health problems.

"Handheld devices, has numerous applications and entertainment options, at our fingertips by continual, makes it easier than ever to reality problem [and] pressure, avoid actively involved", said study co-author Tayana palmer pointed out.

"But as time goes on," she said, "when uncomfortable situation or feeling started to play the behaviour of the mobile phone becomes an escape from reality, due to no sufficient emotional exercise, may be more let a person feel the pressure."

But for now, "the effect is not clear," panova said, describing the study in her undergraduate honors thesis.

"This may be because, with higher anxiety/depression more intensive individual use [call] equipment", she said, "or more frequent use of the device may eventually lead to develop anxiety/depression. Or it could mean a cyclical cyclical relationship."

The findings will be published in the may issue of the application of computers in human behavior.

The world's mobile phone users are nearly 5 billion, and Internet users have 3 billion, the researchers said.

To explore the connection between smartphone usage and mental health, two parts of the study were conducted. First, they assessed a questionnaire on technology use and emotion, which was completed by 318 undergraduates. Then, in order to check the use of mobile phones under stress, the team asked 72 students to take five minutes to write personal flaws or weaknesses that they felt uncomfortable. Collection of writing under anxiety, assuming that they will be reviewed as part of a 10-minute psychological training exercise.

Although "reexamination" has started, one third of the participants have not been exposed to any technology; Another third only had access to their phones; And the remaining third only touched a simple computer game. Found that people who were allowed to use their phones had the lowest levels of anxiety. More than 64 percent of those without access to technology may not experience anxiety, the researchers said. Of those who experienced anxiety, 82 percent played with their phones throughout the waiting period. In contrast, only about half of the anxious game participants were playing computer games all the time. In the opposite direction, only about half of those who owned a mobile phone but didn't feel anxious turned to their phones during the entire waiting period. Only a quarter of the non-worriers are playing games all the time.

The researchers believe that mobile phones serve as a "security blanket" with "only comfort". However, the effect was relatively weak and short-lived, panova and her co-authors concluded. Panova believes that relying on mobile phones to ease anxiety may eventually weaken the development of more effective coping skills. But the device itself has no problem, she said. "It's the use of motivation and the way it's used to determine whether the user has experienced a negative process," she added. This was done by Joe bair, who completed his PhD in communication studies before becoming a teaching assistant at Ohio state university. "It's very important that the reader doesn't take the smartphone for a negative mental state," he said.

"It's not just this study," bayer added. "it's the larger research institutions that don't show this negative, causal effect. There are anxious people at any time, and the techniques used by these people are likely to react, or amplify these basic conditions.

The study found that the long time use of cell phones, may cause adverse symptoms such as anxiety, so you need to take certain measures of isolation is dependent on mobile phones, here provides you with some simple solution.

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