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The origin and advantages and disadvantages of free wifi


Free wifi provides a lot of convenience, but users always have concerns about free wifi security. Will free wifi steal information or property that connects users? It's a big deal, and there are reports on the Internet about free wifi, hacked news. With the penetration of free wifi, many users will use wifi jammer diy to protect their information security, and free wifi has also been well developed.

Free wifi along with the development of the Internet in recent years, people use equipment have a desktop to mobile terminal equipment transfer, the same function with desktop and mobile devices, and has the characteristics of portable, which greatly the development of wireless devices, wireless devices need to wireless network, thus wifi comes. But the lack of free wifi has not provided more convenience for people, so the concept of free wifi has been introduced and has been quickly tried and popularized.

In recent years, discussions about free WiFi in cities have been heard. On the one hand, the rapid popularization of intelligent mobile terminal makes wireless Internet access the "new demand", and the WiFi access service has become the basic standard of "humanization" in public places.

For the first time in July 2004, the Philadelphia based on WLAN standard construction of broadband wireless metropolitan area network, also called "wireless Philadelphia plan", since the wireless city construction tide sweeps across the whole world began, Washington, London, Ontario, Canada, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Hamburg, Germany, Hong Kong, China and so on more than 1000 cities in wireless, in the tide of urban construction in order to meet the public access, the needs of the public security and public services.

First of all, it was a time when the desktop Internet, wireless access at most be wired networks at the time of a kind of auxiliary and supplement, people's demand for wireless Internet is far from being stimulated, and the bandwidth of the wireless network, authentication, billing, and other technology is still in relatively low-level stage, unable to realize technical demand. Second, the prevalence rate of wireless devices, far from today's levels, intelligent terminal, however, have WiFi access function of intelligent terminal is rare, even if a wireless network, can also be difficult to find terminal adapter, this becomes the important restriction factor of wireless city die. Third, the blurring of the business model finally cut off the source of the investor's profit, which is the most fundamental reason for project failure. Free WiFi is need of operations, "front end users for free, back-end user fee" pattern of today is very popular, but difficult to achieve in a few years ago, the lack of high-quality goods application, lack of cohesive user, it is difficult to attract to advertisers, the result is all too clear.

It's no stranger to public wi-fi hotspots, such as airports, coffee shops and star-rated hotels. But there are only two things that users are concerned about: easy to use and useful. It refers to the convenience, safety and security of access, and the customers' perception. So-called useful, it is to point to in addition to providing Internet access services, also can provide all kinds of applications to meet the needs of, guide the broad masses of users (for example, for the convenience of government affairs, the online education, remote medical treatment, etc.). Only by making this network useful and useful, can it precipitate useful data information to form a complete industrial chain.

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