Wifi network and wifi jammer shopping guide

A brief introduction to WiFi related knowledge

WiFi is a set of wireless communication protocols that can create computer networks with relatively high throughput and range.

The WiFi frequency is 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz. The scope of the WiFi emitter (access point, router, repeater) is mainly a function of its transmitting power (in watts) and antenna gain (in dBi). Other factors contribute (weather, etc.).

Unless exceptional circumstances and "standard" equipment are available, outdoor coverage will not exceed a few hundred metres in the most favourable circumstances.

Why do you need a WiFi jammer?

The WiFi jammer can be added to the access point to cancel the signal from the access point. In places where the Internet has to be cut off from the Internet, such as the test centres, prisons, courts, gas stations, churches, it may be necessary.

It also helps to calm neighbors playing video games or listening to music online.

By coupling the WiFi jammer to the phone jammer, you can completely block the individual who wants to communicate externally.

This is why there is a hybrid scrambler, which covers GSM and WiFi frequencies, and even GPS signals. Desktop design and portable design are excellent, depending on where you use them.

How to choose your wireless blocker?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a portable model (battery) or "fixed" (sector).Then find out what other frequencies you want to add to the mix, or just one WiFi protocol that adds to the mix.Finally, it makes sense, you want to spend the budget! By clicking here,You can find our partners, various types and budget jammers.

Why are we buying from our store?

Our store is a professional sales of signal jammers manufacture and distributor, here you can find you all you want to buy the scrambler, and not only is the wifi block, there are more mobile phone signal blocking, GPS tracking signal blocking, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) killer, etc. You will find our selected WiFi jammer below. This choice includes our favorite model. You can click on the product picture to enter our details page to learn more, which should be of great help to you.

Family use desktop wifi phone signal jammers to make life better.

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