To explore reports of ways to deal with harassment

With the development of economy, people's living standards are constantly improving. When they buy some important items, they need their personal information, including id card, mobile phone number and so on. However, suppliers do not keep their information confidential, but are sold in companies that are mainly sold through the phone. Then the company's salesmen use the signals to call them accurately.

Telemarketing has become an industry in which many people are engaged, which is a problem for some. These days, such sales calls, harassing phone calls and fraud calls are all too common and can be a nuisance.

Recently, China youth newspaper social survey center joint questionnaire nets, according to a survey of 2005 respondents, 44.7% of respondents often received harassing phone calls, 42.1% of respondents will be received at least a harassing phone calls every day. To reduce harassing phone calls, 73.2 percent of respondents said it was important to protect personal information.

42.1% of the respondents received at least one phone call every day

In our work and in our lives, we have received a lot of harassing phone calls that have caused a great deal of trouble. "Every week, we get all kinds of harassing calls, selling insurance, loans, financial products, fraud, and so on.

What do you do when you get a harassing phone call? In the survey, 61.9 percent of the respondents were directly disconnected and not talking to each other. 48.4 percent of respondents perfunctorily exchanged a few words and hung up; 33.2 percent of respondents will block the number of phone Numbers; 23.3 percent of the interviewees angrily denounce each other to stop harassing themselves. 11.9% reported the phone number.

For all kinds of harassing calls, some people simply ignore them. "No matter what kind of harassing phone call, you just say you don't need it and then hang up the phone, the best way to do it. And they say a few words, but it will make them think you need this service, will become much trouble to say with you, don't hung up the phone after regularly hit back, will cause more trouble."Some people usually answer the phone, then they hear a sales call or something like that, just say no, and then hang up.But some of them are fraudulent phone calls, and even if you hang up, they will always call you back, which greatly affects our communication. How do you deal with this situation?

Of course, in life, in the face of harassing phone calls, more is the use of cellphone jammer, at work, open mobile phone jammer, at rest open mobile phone jammer, the stop harassing phone calls and spam messages plays a very important role. Mobile phone jammers is a very convenient device, the place and purpose are widely used, now is very popular in stop harassing phone calls, if you often encounter the interference of harassing phone calls, you enough to buy a cell phone jammer is very good for you.

Fewer phone calls, and 73.2% thought it was important to prevent personal leaks

The harassment of phone calls has been repeatedly banned, largely because of the leakage of personal information. "It's easy to leave your phone number when you download a variety of mobile apps and log on to various online platforms. If you run into a bad business, you will be in trouble.

"In addition, the ring that is the main component of the harassment call is rampant, and there is a complete chain of fraud in some places. They aim to cheat the money, the telephone is very realistic, and the fraud mode is constantly updated, and there is no certain vigilance is easy to cheat.

What would you do to deal with a nuisance call? In the survey, 54.6% of the respondents chose not to answer the phone; 46.9 per cent of those surveyed would be selective in their personal experience and pick up the phone; 46.5% of the respondents will install anti-harassment mobile phone software.

What do you think the government should do to reduce the number of harassing calls? 73.2 percent of respondents said it is important to protect personal information and prevent leaks. 62.0% of the respondents believed that supervision and supervision should be strengthened to strengthen the linkage of departments. 60.0% of the interviewees suggested perfecting the mechanism for the investigation of violations and accountability for the implementation of the person; 34.8 percent of the respondents recommended regularly Posting illegal information and increasing the level of exposure.

First of all, to improve the system of laws and regulations, while existing advertisement law, e-commerce law and consumer protection law involves the problem of harassing phone calls, but the related content is not enough refining the perfect, need further; From a corporate point of view, the technology of harassing calls is constantly being updated, and they can disguise any number as a normal number to increase their credibility, so it's important that multiple departments join together. In addition, communications administration will also through regulation, strengthen the management of operators, "we also attaches great importance to operators, in under the premise of the system, can enhance the publicity of fraud against harassment. If a number of fraudulent phone calls have been repeatedly committed, the communications authority will notify the operator that the number involved will be rectification.

The problem of harassing phone calls is widespread in our lives, and the main reason for this is because of the serious personal information leakage.In order to solve the problem of harassment, information protection is only our first step, and it is feasible to use the necessary jammer equipment.