Personal information breaches and harassing phone calls rampant

The personal information leak led to the increase of our nuisance calls, and I was deeply disturbed by the telephone.How do I handle the harassment phone problem?

Have you received any harassing phone calls? I'm sure you have. What are your methods for harassing phone calls? Have you ever wondered how our information was leaked?

Modern society is an era of turning to service, businessmen from the previous passive service, to the current active attack, this transformation has the characteristics of this era, information highly developed. With the continuous improvement of computing processing power and storage capacity, the data of the big data is collected and analyzed continuously, and the information security of people seems to have reached the era of the embattled era! "Words" similar to the year of the year, year and year people are different. Harassing calls can be very annoying!

Harassing phone calls can be used to effectively shake down personal information

More than 600 owners of China resources central park have been facing a sale of harassing phone calls. The owner helplessly said: "I now have marked more than 30 unfamiliar Numbers, all sell decorate product and plan, a lot of decorate company will change the number every day to give me dozen." However, just after the initial payment, even the loan has not been dealt with, the phone of the decoration company called, liu asked: "how on earth is our information leaking out? In this way, our personal security, information security and security are not guaranteed.

Having to say that getting harassing phones is a common occurrence in modern society, many people have some immunity to such phones. But when harassing phone calls were like a wheel war comes, do the serious influence to the public's personal life, and the disturb daily life is the problem on the surface, even more worrying is that in terms of harassing phone calls to the owner is in view of the correlation, this is a personal moment of physical security, information security is in a state of being monitored, there is no privacy at all.

Who makes the personal information security of the owner in crisis?

In the face of the personal data were leaked, the personal information security threatened, the owner of the doubt to be self-evident: developers, Banks, bureaus have information of house buyers, who leaked the information of buyers? To this end, the reporter phone interview one of the decoration company, the company staff explain, the owner information is not the developer directly sells to decorate company telephone. Now some companies in the society collect customer information, then "sell" to decorate the company." "We just want to provide services," says the decorator, who has been on the phone for frequent calls.

Prevent and prevent leakage from internal information security

In fact, for how to protect our property and personal information security, to add password to account is the first reaction of the public, however, this is actually the most common understanding. For the encryption of information security, according to the development of modern society, it has become a specialized industry, aiming at enterprises and internal network. Both sides can protect the information security of good customers. In the report for developers, have the credibility, the official not to sell the owner's personal information to decorate a company, but does not guarantee that the internal employees privately without the owner's personal information "sold" to decorate a company. Because of this speculation, therefore, the developer should want to "clean up oneself", must start from inside the enterprise first!

Data encryption - high efficient encryption technology for users' personal information security escort

For encryption, the public's first reaction may be to add a password security degree is high, however, for the enterprise, is a high degree of safety of password is not enough, companies need to multiple encryption protection. For example, the format of the file is encrypted, and the format of A file can be converted to B format by encryption. Of course, there is a certain restriction to this format encryption, after all, the format is diverse, and if it is not compatible, it will bring a lot of work burden to the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises need an encryption software is not affected by the file format, and will not be encrypted when companies use software, the influence of such for files already have played an important role in confidential and will not affect its working efficiency. This kind of work efficiency, information security two unmisused encryption software. Also, for files that may be copied, even if it is secured, it cannot be opened. This is a double defense for the protection of the security of the files!

The disclosure of personal information should also be highly valued from judicial perspective

For users now, the trend of personal information security is crisis, only from the perspective of technology and management is not enough, must be given priority in the judicial point of view, can understand the companies to the public, this is not just a moral events on the event, or a legal level only by the corresponding punishment can make some people be alert!

In addition, our own signal protection should also be done, do not register on some improper website, leave own personal information. For information leakage, harassing phone calls, you can't put your phone, harassing phone ringtone always disturb your work and life, you can install cell phone signal jammer for home, make sure that you are resting at home is not affected by harassing phone calls. For information leakage, the social normal now, harassing phone calls and don't have to make a fuss, can not fundamentally solve the problem of information leakage, only to take measures to stop harassing phone calls, is the best choice for you now.