Starbucks' wifi uses users' computers to dig? Hidden consumption trap in free network

We have heard of the free wifi there is risk of news, free wifi network security risks, may steal your information through wifi, steal your property, the risk of unsafe behavior, we've all heard about, but we will still be connected to the free wifi, because now the high flow and the flow of Internet use such as large cost. Isn't there any way to solve the problem of connecting wifi to the Internet and ensuring the security of your information? The answer, apparently, is that using a wifi signal blocker can protect your wifi from being attacked.

Just a few days ago, starbucks accidentally discovered that one of their in-store customers was in the middle of a cryptocurrency mining campaign for cyberattackers...

It is understood that the incident is the Stensul foreign software company, based in New York, USA), chief executive of Noah Dinkin, he was a starbucks coffee shop in Buenos Aires to drink coffee, but when he was in use in-store wi-fi, but he was surprised that his laptop has become a mining machine!

Until then, many research experts have repeatedly stressed the security risks of WiFi networks in public environments. And in between, we're not sure how many users have been affected.

Starbucks said it was already taking "measures" to address the problem.

"Hello, starbucks," Noah Dinkin said on December 2, 2017, via Twiiter. "you know there are serious security issues in the WiFi network in stores in Buenos Aires. When I first tried to connect the in-store WiFi network, the network service provider forced a 10-second time to connect, and would use a customer's computer to mine! This makes me feel very uncomfortable! "

Noah Dinkin's Internet delay when he connected the WiFi to his store surprised him with the problem and revealed it via his own Twitter feed.

He initially thought the malicious code is used to dig the currency, but some of the "experience" of the user, points out that the code is used to dig another popular digital currency - Monroe COINS.

The mining process involves complex mathematical operations and the need to verify the trading information of cryptocurrencies. Because of the huge amount of computing power needed to dig the mines, there are now many people trying to infect and use other people's computers in order to make a bigger profit. In general, attackers often use malicious websites to infect the computer equipment of target users, but it's rare to see them coming to an attack via a WiFi network.

A starbucks spokeswoman said in an interview with the BBC: "when we learned that after the incident happened, we investigated the condition of the store, and rapidly take the response measures. To ensure that customers in the store can safely use our WiFi network, we will urge and ensure that third-party web service providers address this issue. But the vast majority of customers don't have to worry, because it doesn't happen at other starbucks stores. "

A network security experts said, the public environment of WiFi network users should ensure that their use is the latest version of the software, and aware of any suspicious activity, to minimize security risks encountered by himself.

Don Smith from Secureworks, told the BBC:

"Users should be more careful when connecting to any network that is not trusted, and the public WiFi network is not a trusted network access point. In fact, when you're using an open network like this, all your network activity and network traffic can be intercepted by someone else. Although we should not be overly alarmist, it is very common. In addition, a variety of applications and websites should improve their level of security under the default configuration, so as to significantly improve the overall security of the Internet environment."

Are you still unscrupulous in connecting to public free wifi? Is public wifi safe for us? Through this article, you should be aware of the risks of public free wifi. It is my personal opinion that you should be cautious about using free wifi, and can not connect as much as possible.