The number of American spam complaints has doubled in the past two years to 7.2 million this year

With the development of society, unmanned technology and artificial intelligence technology develop rapidly, more and more software needs our personal information, and the most information is our telephone number. When we buy a car or house when something, need more details to us, but our information has not been very good secrecy, but very easy to be leaked out, this is very bad for our privacy.

Spam and increasingly prominent problem of harassing phone calls, is mainly due to the personal information serious breaches.

According to the investigation, someone specialized in our information collection work and then sold our information at a low price, which resulted in the violation of our information privacy.With the development of the economy, there are many forms of marketing, all kinds of telemarketing, short message sales and so on. Some people get two or thirty junk messages a day, and a dozen sales calls, which is very annoying. It all comes from the disclosure of our personal information, which has caused a great disturbance to our work and life.If it's just a sales call, it won't be a threat to your property, but if it's a scam call, or a malicious phone call, it will pose an important threat to your property.Because we now have a lot of information tied to mobile phones, they can get our money by dishonest means and commit theft.

According to the latest report,the federal trade commission (FTC) data released Monday showed that they received almost 7.2 million times this year in violation of the provisions of "you are the one call" complaints, far higher than that of 2016 in 5.3 million, from 3.6 million in 2015 is doubled.

The FTC said New Jersey had the highest density of complaints in 2017, with about 3,600 landline complaints per 100,000 New Jersey residents. Delaware, Florida, Virginia and New Hampshire followed, with more than 2,700 complaints per 100,000 residents.

Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, and North Dakota have fewer garbage calls this year, with fewer than 1,400 complaints per 100,000 residents.

Auto-dialing garbage calls is the most annoying behavior, and the most common topic is reducing debt. Other common junk phone topics include time-sharing, vouching and medicine. July and August seem to be the peak of garbage calls.

But this situation will soon have to ease: earlier this year, the federal communications commission (FCC) giving more power for telecom company, making them better able to block junk calls automatically.

If you receive a large number of harassing phone calls or text messages, do not turn off your phone, use your mobile phone security software to block the harassment number and immediately remove the card binding. Finally, when using public WIFI, try not to log on to a bank APP or use a mobile phone to transfer money.

As the number of American spam harassment phones increases, more and more people are choosing to use 3g 4g cell phone jammer, which are purchased by a portable phone jammer. When they are working and resting, they turn on their mobile jammers to keep their work and rest from being interrupted by harassing phone calls. Not only can they ensure their work efficiency, but also keep them in a good mood, not bothered by harassing phone calls.

Do you get a lot of such harassing phone calls or spam messages? How do you solve it? Mobile jammers have a variety of functions and are also very popular, which is why they are becoming more and more popular. To avoid annoying phone calls, steal our personal information and possessions, now buy mobile jammers, stay away from trouble, and keep a good life.