High power jammers are widely used in daily life.

With the development of unmanned technology, wireless technology and artificial intelligence, jammers are no stranger to us. The jammer device is widely used in daily life, and in some places with high confidentiality, high power jammers will be installed to ensure the safety of data.

In the theatre, the performance unit in order to better performance, install and use the interference signal of high power jammers, because in the process of performance, many people will use the performers take pictures, and taking photos of the flash is the performer's eyes uncomfortable, let they cannot very good play their best level. It can't give viewers a better visual experience. Therefore, in order to ensure the orderly performance of the performance, it is necessary to use this high-power jammer in the theatre.

In the research unit, the state is to protect the research data, the research results are safe. They use a variety of functions of high power jammers, on the one hand, some may interfere with the internal personnel may steal data of equipment, on the other hand, some outside want to attack the scientific research equipment can jammers signal. In these research houses, the secrecy is extremely high and there is no leakage of information, so the multi-function high-power jammer devices are widely used in such places.

In prison, in order to prevent the imprisoned terrorist ties with the outside world, or in order to avoid the possibility of some prisoners to escape, the use of high power jammer, cut off contact with the outside of the prison, only allows the corresponding signal spectrum communications, to protect the safety of the prison.

In large conference rooms, in order to ensure that the meeting process is not disturbed, the contents of the meeting are kept confidential, not stolen, and used high power signal jammers to intercept wiretaps of listening devices.

Handheld smartphone high power jammer can interfere with the cellular phone, smart phones, portable telephone terminal GPS radio waves, such as telephone in addition to the ability to stuck use (L1 outside of GPS satellite communications radio emission: C/A code 1575.42 MHz) equipped with blocking function. Outside, therefore, the mobile phone terminal [service] then yes, within the scope of the interference effect but can not be used, only the GPS satellite radio waves in the DIP switch, mobile phone, such as interference of mobile phone terminals and GPS satellite radio waves, you can use it.

Communications ministry, and in December 2012 "it is the use of radio waves in the team to promote" reported that although in the use of the radio waves is the launch significantly weaker, the actual distribution of a large number of wireless equipment market is not a weak interval is called the unlicensed radio equipment, the other is radio station in case of trouble of Russian federation and points out it is necessary to take emergency measures.

According to the report, the so-called portable interference, wireless video cameras, genres such as FM transmitter WiFi interference, because 16 over the unauthorized product launch, model and image, the manufacturer/seller or radio within the scope of the importer's name (including not mention) was announced.

By introducing a cellular radio wave blocker, you can make your movements in the classroom unusable and focus on the course. Because I use my cell phone for a long time, I need high-power GPS airwaves to block. Interference with important wireless communications such as wireless is possible. Obviously I wrote jamar, and if you think it's being tracked, I think it's better to consider the possibility of doubt. It only shuts off the phone's radio signal and can be used normally without affecting other device signals and transceivers. This is a convenient and secure GPS communication interference, can adjust the output.

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