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6 bands high power desktop cell phone jammer


In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, smart phones gained popularity, in a short time, smart phones have the function of the computer, it has its unique properties, its portability and intelligent, favored by consumers in the market caused a sensation, in the streets, let more people have a their own mobile phones.

It is because of the popularity of smart phones, more and more teenagers have a mobile phone, as we all know, the teenagers' self management ability is weak, they are vulnerable to temptation, not free, which makes them not keen, the course will be more time for mobile phones, have been made investigation, teenagers use a mobile phone to do? The survey showed that they were more likely to use their mobile phones to socialize, read novels and play mobile games. There are few tools to use mobile phones as learning tools. How can such a situation make their learning progress? It's completely out of the question. Being addicted to mobile phones only makes them learn to fall, self-protection awareness is weak, and it is easy to imitate the role of the game to commit crimes.

So many schools to prevent excessive cell phone addiction, reduce the influence of cell phone rings in the school, and in the classroom and school equipment installed within the scope of the following cell phone jammer, this jammer device can block cell phone signals, let more students to put the energy used in their work.

The high power of desktop jammer can prevent the most commonly used mobile phone signal, it is the basic signal type combination, it also provides many kinds of jamming signal type of combination, such as GPS, wifi. These two signals are also common to us, and they may be a signal factor for our privacy protection. This signal jammer, you can be in our shop, we provide a combination of three types of jamming signal, if there is no signal combination type you want, you can contact us for customized, for you to make your personalized cell phone jammers. Its powerful features and distractions make it widely used in schools, prisons, churches, libraries and other places where mobile phone ringtones are prohibited.

Click on the select home desktop multiband WiFi signal jammer.

Frequencies Supported:
CDMA (870-880MHz)
GSM (930-960MHz)
3G/4G (2010-2145MHz)
GPS (1570-1580MHz)
WIFI 2.4G (2400-2500MHz)
DCS/PHS (1805-1918MHz)
VHF (135-174 MHz)
UHF (400-470MHz)
315 MHz or 433 MHz
Jamming Radius: 2-50 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

It interferes with a wide range of signals, ranging from the use of your home, office use, or car use to your needs. Now we offer free shipping service for you, 30 days product package, one year warranty, we are professional signal jammer manufacturer and seller, please confirm our website at