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Examples of GPS trackers used in life

Many car companies install GPS trackers in their fleet vehicles for a number of reasons. Typically, there is no list of team trackers in order to show how long the driver has been at a particular location. If the work he is performing is not easily detected, the customer may think it is not performing well. When a plumber's assistant changes a hard-to-reach pipe or check position, the client may not be sure whether the work is finished or not. You can prove to your customer that you have provided the specified service and that the work has been completed.

Taxi is an important means of transportation in the city, which provides a lot of convenience for people to travel. In order to ensure that drivers are only doing work-related tasks at work, a tracker is installed on each vehicle so that the taxi can be clearly understood. A taxi company in Australia is to know the real-time information of the taxi, installed a GPS tracking device, but the move has caused many drivers, including one man who in order to avoid their place be tracked, he used the device pocket gps jammer prevent tracking signal transmission.

Another important example of car installation trackers is the coach. Some truck drivers give temporary information to customers so that customers can check the location of the truck and take over the goods better. The customer can log on to the site and check the location of the truck because it can reach the destination in real time. This reduces or eliminates the information of the truck driver's location updates. Truck drivers can also benefit from customers knowing when they arrive and are ready to ship. In addition, the long-distance truck installed tracking device, also can know the safety of the goods, if the truck was hijacked, can according to tracking know the location of the truck, and then save the goods.

GPS fleet tracking offers many of the unique benefits of sewer companies. Your employees have important work to help ensure safety, test water quality and clean up sewage pipes so that families in the community can safely accept the health risks of water pollution. It is important that your employees get to where they need to be in time, continue to perform tasks, and accomplish important tasks in a timely manner. GPS team tracking can help you deal with all these things and more.

GPS satellite positioning and GPS tracking are important for military.

What is the LD/AOBRD task? In the field of fleet tracking, electronic recording device (ELD) and automatic vehicle recording device (AOBRD) has long been used to automatically record the truck usage, drivers, fuel consumption, the route, parking location and other information of electronic records. These devices have been subject to the AOBRD rules since 1988 and are now subject to the ELD rules, as part of the 2012 congressional act.

Providence, Rhode Island (WPRI) -- an employee who was responsible for illegally tracking another woman's vehicle in east providence on Wednesday faced a judge, who said she was not working alone.

Leah stoddard, 37, was charged with misdemeanor charges, stalking and conspiracy.

According to court documents obtained by eyewitness news, stoddard allegedly tried to track John Mitchell's ex-girlfriend, who was also charged with the case. According to the documents, she was accused of using devices that could track someone on the Internet in real time and store the information for a full year. In January, the alleged victim went to the police, saying that the mechanic had scanned her car and found a GPS tracker. The woman said she believed stoddard and Mitchell were following her, noting that she was socializing when the couple appeared on two separate occasions.