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World strongest anti drone system is important in the military

The military significance of the anti-uav system is very important, which is very effective for military uav and is very important in strategic sense.

For military uavs, can use powerful an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system, then for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) civil, aerial drones, we can also use civil uav jammers to intercept, on our airspace and privacy protection.

The us military has been equipped with an anti-uav system called AUDS, which allows us to easily kill enemy drones within a range of 10 kilometers. In terms of anti-aircraft weapons development, China is no less advanced than the United States, and China has developed a variety of anti-uav equipment with various mechanisms of killing and killing. For example, China's skynet 1 anti-uav system can be used to capture and capture enemy drones.

An anti-uav system known as AUDS has served in several U.S. forces. The AUDS anti-uav system, which is jointly developed by Britain's bright monitoring systems corporation, chesky power and enterprise control systems, is a highly cost-effective uav defense system.

The AUDS anti-uav system, which can detect all kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles within 10km, accurately detects the target drone's movements through infrared cameras and tracks them. It can disrupt the communication between the target drone and its control center by transmitting jamming electromagnetic waves, and disable the control center's command function for the target drone. In this way, the opponent's uav system will be completely paralyzed.

The AUDS anti-uav system can also force the target drone to land. From attacking the target drone to making the target drone strike, the whole process takes only eight to 15 seconds.The AUDS anti-uav system is not the only anti-uav system used by the us military, nor is it the most advanced anti-uav system in the world today.

The United States says drone strikes in somalia have killed al-shabab extremists.

In fact, the United Nations the p5 and Germany, Japan, Israel and other traditional uavs is power and power, have developed their own an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system, India, Pakistan, Iran and other countries, also has the ability to develop an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) weapons.

Uas, based in Washington, dc, has developed a system of anti-uav systems using auditory technology. The shield has a built-in signal processor, analytics software, and a drone sound feature database, which can detect drones over 100 meters by monitoring the environment and sound. Once the drones are close to the no-fly zone, the shield system alerts the monitors by sending emails or text messages. Then the monitors can use other means to hit the target drone.

India is a software development power, India's software, safety engineers have developed a computer program can be invaded the enemy unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control network, and close the enemy uav autopilot system, and make the enemy drones to crash.

China has developed a microwave anti-missile system, the use of the launch of the directional high-power microwave, this system can destroy the enemy on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) navigation, positioning, electronic components, precision guidance system of which the enemy drones aborted.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with the development of science and technology, widely applied to every field, for the encroachment of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), we have to use an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) system or an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer device, so as to ensure our airspace safety and privacy.