WiFi signal problems and the role of WiFi jammers

The progress of the society, the development of science and technology, let the smart phone become popular all over the world, widely spread, almost everyone has a mobile phone. This reflects the people living standard rise, but also brings many problems at the same time, these problems include, your children use mobile phones to play games every day, use mobile phone to see video, it makes them grow up immersed in the network virtual world, immersing himself in the game, this not only affect their learning, also cause certain harm to their eyes, light person cause myopia, serious can cause glaucoma, and even blindness, maybe you don't want to so serious, but it is real happened in our side. In addition, they also use mobile phone chat on the net, live, live, and even some online at sixes and sevens, which will cause harm to their psychological, I suggest that don't let the children immersed in a mobile phone at an early age, the virtual network world, should let they settled down to study well, exercise more, it is good for them. Of course, it's just a matter of writing, and there's a lot of harm done by mobile phones and WiFi signals.Wifi signal strength will be disturbed, and wifi will also have certain security risks, so important to use wifi jammer.

With the development of mobile phones, people's demand for the Internet is getting higher and higher, and the demand for traffic is getting higher and higher. People's Daily flow rate is as high as 3G or even more, so people rely on WiFi signals. And thus trigger a flood of WiFi network now, you can see, in the cinema, restaurants, places such as the station, will appear a WiFi network, it provides people with convenient, but also will bring people some troubles. For example, in public places, there is WiFi, and people can take their own mobile phones with their own mobile phones and watch video and so on. If everyone is good at complying with the rules of the public place, the problem is not huge. But which meeting everyone, so some people with lower quality never regardless of others' opinions, feelings, enjoy themselves, in a quiet place, sound call, watching TV, playing games, listening to music and so on to bother others rest. This inevitably leads to such a problem, why install WiFi signal? How could such a person be? And so on.

In public places, when you're happily connected to a free WiFi, chances are your phone's background is quietly clicking on the AD. WiFi network mutual sharing platform master key newly released "in the first half of 2017 China public WiFi security report", shown in the monitoring to the risk of hot spots, more than 99% of the risk is through a web passive tamper with the way to let users to click on ads.

WiFi enables people to enjoy the Internet, but it can't be the artifact of the victim, nor can it become an accomplice to illegal crime. The dangers of public WiFi drive the full coverage of official security WiFi. For example, the government's efforts to increase the operation and maintenance of public free WiFi will greatly reduce the public's public WiFi trap.

On the one hand, the WiFi signal does bring convenience to people. On the other hand, it also has some negative effects on people's life. So, isn't there any way to solve this problem? Can WiFi be used and won't cause so much trouble to people? The answer is yes, there is a simple, crude method of using a WiFi jammer.

The WiFi jammer is the device that interferes with the WiFi signal and interferes with the frequency of WiFi. Using a WiFi jammer, on the one hand, allows your child to stay away from the virtual world and away from the virtual world. Make your family spend less time on the phone and set aside time for you. Make public places more comfortable; And so on. , on the other hand, is also very important, now public WiFi there may be a potential safety hazard, and some criminals may through WiFi, attacks on other device connected to the same WiFi, information theft and other terrible things, and use the WiFi jammer is very good solve the problem, let you time to surf the Internet more secure, need quiet time more comfortable, let your children healthy growth and not indulge in the online world, make your life more beautiful.

Our shop provides you with a variety of styles of WiFi jammer, powerful functions, these jammers range, some can adjust scope of interference, does not affect the use of the neighbour's WiFi only interference in view of the signal, will not affect other electronic devices, more won't cause harm to human body.