Russian college entrance examination using cell phone jammer to ensure fair examination

Cheating is the enemy to maintain fair examination. In the 2015 college entrance examination season, how does the Russian education department combat cheating and safeguard fairness? According to the official gazette published by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education, many areas of the examination rooms are newly equipped with cell phone signal shielding equipment and video surveillance systems. Preliminary statistics show that this year's college entrance examination cheating rate significantly reduced over last year. For example, in the examination of Chinese subjects, 211 candidates from Russia were disqualified from examinations due to discipline fraud, well below the 320 in the previous year.

Not only is Russia installing jammers in schools, but also French government plans to ban schoolchildren from using their cellphones in school.

Of course, even under such stringent monitoring measures, there are very few candidates who still choose to take the risk. The most "do not go heart" cheating Federal Education Agency Sergei Kravzov told reporters: "On June 5, suddenly a cell phone ringtone on the geography subject's examination room in a certain area was made. A schoolgirl took the exam to hide her cell phone into the exam room with her towering hair. When the bursts of ringtones came out of her head, the "unwary" candidate remembered forgetting to put the phone in silent mode. She was immediately taken out of the classroom and disqualified from the exam. The most "chew the old" cheat The most "chew the old" cheating appeared in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkess. "According to the regulations, candidates can not take the college entrance examination, so they are less likely to meet acquaintances," - said the staff of the Federal Education Department.

 Cell phone Jammers installed in the examination room can quickly shield the signal to ensure that mobile phones and other communication tools in a non-service state, to eliminate cheating exams.

Local proctors through the examination room real-time monitoring found that a boy "abnormal behavior." In the review of the admission ticket found that the candidate and the ticket on the photo "obviously not the same person." It turned out that candidates feel their father "looks very young", so decided to send him for their own test. Really cheat at the "eating the old" yet. The most alternative cheating: time difference was the exam The most common type of cheating, is the 2013 eve of the eve of the incident occurred. On May 26 that year, on the eve of the Russian language test, the test was announced on social networking sites. The exam title is given an irrelevant title, hidden in the social networking site. Users can browse through a certain points, send phone numbers or use the relevant software can download. After investigation, the leak is caused by differences in time zones across Russia. Russia traverses nine time zones in the Eurasian continent and the national exam starts at 10 am local time, which means that candidates in the Far East will take up to 9 hours earlier than the western part of Europe. Candidates from the Far East post their exam questions online at the end of the exam, while the western part of Europe can get the exam title. Prime Minister Medvedev was very angry about this, demanding that the Commission scrutinize the matter and canceling the exam results of candidates involved. In response to cheating in the college entrance examination, Russia has formulated a series of detailed and rigorous disciplinary measures. Cheating or helping to cheat the personnel and institutions, depending on the degree of concern, will face civil or criminal penalties.