Method of punishment of network criminals

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, network plays a very important role in our life and work. Cyber security is an important issue that we face today. Cyber security involves our information security and our property security. How to protect our network security becomes the problem that the country and society need to solve. What methods have you heard to protect your network?

Cyber criminals are mainly hackers use their advanced technology to others through a network of computers for invasion, theft of information, even is the theft of the property, or are the important confidential information to steal.Cutting off juvenile Internet access is more effective than prison.

All known, the grim situation of network security, network crime is rampant, network crime happen every day, the number is numerous, the network crime to make a lot of people have been affected, by the fraud, cyber crime mainly through the Internet platform to fraud victims, they through the accurate information to commit crime. The victims are usually those who have just touched the Internet and are not familiar with the Internet, greed and greed. It is easy for criminals to cheat on them by taking advantage of these characteristics.

After some of the victims had been cheated of a lot of property, they woke up and called the police for help, but the criminals had already fled and it was hard to catch them. They were defrauded, even afraid to tell their families, and some of them even gave birth to their lives.

With cyber criminals so rampant, is there no way to protect our security? First of all, we should have an understanding of cybercrime. The object of their crime is how to implement it. Only by understanding these can we better take measures to prevent them. The most important thing is that we need to improve our own safety, don't trust to a stranger, met phone fraud, should verify the information before you make a decision, don't cry because it is a temporary impatient and caused incalculable loss.

Second, for Internet fraud, in addition to the above the most basic thing, we should also use some relevant equipment to protect the network security, network security, greatly reduce the risk of natural deceived. For mobile phone network security, mobile phone has the corresponding security anti-virus software, but this is not enough, after all, these software also will have certain security holes. As a result, many people have started to use the signal jammer, which can intercept the signal and strengthen the protection of the network to a certain extent.

In the end, we are ready, on the basis of their prevent swindled, also want to give our loved ones to do more to prevent online fraud security education, browse news, enrich their knowledge, understand the latest way of fraud, tell the people around to strengthen prevention, not holes drilling a little for cyber criminals. Thus a thorough attack on Internet fraud.

So what should we do with cyber criminals? In terms of punishing criminals, many countries are holding them in prison, so that you can accept the reform, but then they won't commit the crime again? In fact, it doesn't really work, they just have the equipment, they can connect to the network, and they're likely to commit crimes again. So how to punish cybercriminals?

Recent news reports suggest that some people in the UK have suggested that cyber-criminals be given a wifi jammer to keep them from connecting to the Internet, leaving them free from the Internet. Is that feasible? There are also many prisons where signal jammers are installed, and high power prison jammers are excellent tools for the security of prisons and for preventing criminals from recommitting crimes. Let them introspect and stay away from the Internet in prison, unable to understand the outside world. In held the prisoner in custody and the use of double punishment of signal jammer, I believe that cyber criminals should be more disillusioned, at the time of their freedom should not strike again, because they deeply experience the detention and life without network is so bad. In the Internet age, we ordinary people have no network, will be uncomfortable, often feel lonely, let alone cyber criminals?

What better way to discipline cybercriminals than to discipline them and stop them from committing crimes? Perhaps you will say killed them, and they are really damn, their criminal behavior to defraud efforts of many people does the property, let many families the destruction, separated, is indeed brought great harm to the society. But as long as they are willing to change, or should they give them a chance, what do you think?


Posted by Hengher 2018-06-25

Look this is a very good idea, because in the network era, network how important it is, people almost can't leave it.

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