What are the reasons for poor WiFi signal?

The difference in wifi signal may be due to the insufficient bandwidth of the network itself, or because the number of connections is too large, the speed of the bandwidth is Shared, and it may be blocked by the wifi jammer. Or it has to do with the wifi encryption.

Do you feel like you're using a "fake" WiFi whenever you can't get a web page out of your face and a video buffer? It is estimated that 6m people in the UK alone are frustrated by the fact that their wireless networks are unreliable. You know, the culprit is not the person you watch out for every day, but the "amateur interior designer". Experts have uncovered a number of "saboteurs" that can disrupt WiFi speeds, including fish bowls and small colored lights, the daily mail reported. It is precisely because you place them around the router that you limit the signal.

Since any electrical device can generate electromagnetic fields, when the magnetic field is large enough, it interferes with the radio waves of the WiFi network. In theory, any electric wire or electric light can be disruptive to the WiFi, but small lights "sin", the largest because they contain too many wires, whether it's next to hang lanterns, or hang on the Christmas tree, can make the magnetic field.

Experts warn that when we set small lights to a scintillating state and get close to the router, the interference is especially serious. Data from TalkTalk, a broadband company, shows that small lights can reduce WiFi performance by 25%. The microwave will temporarily shock the WiFi.

Any cooking utensil may damage the Internet connection because the WiFi signal cannot easily go through the metal plate, bucket, pipe or water. So, the refrigerator, the oven, the washing machine, etc. all block the WiFi signal, and the motors and pumps that are built in are also interfering.

But these "obstacles" in the microwave are small children. The WiFi and the microwave range in the same frequency, all about 2.4 Hertz, which means that when you expect to brush WeChat with a microwave oven, give up. The microwave radio wave will temporarily give your home WiFi "shock". So, next time you're ready to watch a play online, wait until the whole episode is over and then use the microwave to heat up the food.

As we said, water is a kryptonite of WiFi because it is very good at absorbing radio waves. So, don't use a fish tank or a hydroponic plant to make up your router because it's "beautiful" and, of course, don't put any hot water kettles around it. If the tank leans too close, it will form a "no mesh zone" in your home. Luckily, the fish you raised will not be affected.

It's not just water that blocks WiFi signals, any liquid, including 70 percent water in the body, can be a "disrupter". If you stay too close to your router, you may become a "sinner" who is a drag on your family to watch the show and tweet. Therefore, when the festival or the party in the home, the crowd is crowded, it is better to give the router a clear place, let it can concentrate on the work.

WiFi is not suitable for bricks, mortar, marble or metal. So if your home is big and the walls are very strong, a router may not be able to support the whole family. Even if the house is small and there are many cubicles, it is especially important to buy a "through wall" router.

Now almost every home has WiFi, and it's a hassle -- the neighbor's WiFi does have an impact on your Internet speed. In order to solve this problem, most routers can set up a radio signal channel, and they may find a "new path" that does not crash next door. Although changing channels is not as simple as changing channels on the radio or on TV, the principle is the same, and specific steps can usually be found on a router or on the Internet.

WiFi signal sent there is another important reason, that is someone using the WiFi signal jammer, using the jammer is worse than the above said, because the WiFi signal jammer more targeted, in view of the WiFi signal, if the jammer more close with you, you will have no network router.

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