Is mobile phone payment safe?

With the development of science and technology, mobile payment in People's Daily life has become the important method of payment, the payment is gradually increasing, and cash payments, bank card payment has become the important three payment today. Mobile payment in a few years, at present in terms of security, or more handsome, on the phone APP can be set up to pay related issues, such as transfer delay into account, and free of payments.

How to ensure that mobile phone payment security becomes a problem that bothers more people becomes the problem that payment companies need to solve. For us personally, the use of cell phone jammer device has a certain effect on our mobile phone information and security protection.

In recent years, mobile payment has developed by leaps and bounds. CNNIC data from China Internet network information center shows that the number of mobile payment users more than doubled in 2014-2017, reaching 502 million in 2017. The report shows that a large number of consumers use mobile payment to receive and receive red envelopes and use mobile payment to settle accounts at shopping. And many businesses in 2017 launched WeChat patterns, such as payment and pay treasure to businesses through mobile terminal can accurate understanding of the audience, real time optimization content and multi-channel sales, in a timely manner to convey the right message to the target audience. However, 58 percent of consumers believe security is the biggest obstacle to their adoption of mobile payments. The platform that will eliminate consumer concerns and ensure that transactions are secure will eventually win out.

In China, mobile payment is the prevailing mode of payment. Some people worry about the security of payment, and the security of payment is related to the security of mobile phone.Through IOS and Android system security index contrast,let you know more about the security of payment.

With the development of e-commerce, people buy goods on the Internet more, and the purchase of goods on the Internet requires electronic consumption, namely, mobile phone payment, or bank card payment. Mobile phone payment has become an important payment method, not only in the online shopping, but also in the physical store. With the increase in the number of users, people will not worry about the security of mobile payment, and the people who feel it will not have any problems, but what are the facts?

Smart phone has become indispensable to our life and work are equipment, its binding our individual signals, including the information such as bank card, this is related to our property security, therefore the security of the mobile phone also reflects the security of mobile payment. The security of mobile phone is related to many factors, including the security of mobile phone system and the security of software. The use of secure mobile phone systems and secure software is relatively safe for our mobile payments, but there is also a risk. Therefore, it is worth investigating whether the mobile payment is safe or not. After all, there is no absolute security.

To ensure the safety of mobile payment, we can start from the safety of mobile phones, the first to use a safe system, download the security of application software, don't click on the strange links, prevent virus in the mobile phone, from invasion, this behavior may be stolen. In addition, mobile phone jammers can be used to further protect the phone and intercept the signal.