The difference between wifi and wlan

Wireless networks can connect with computers, mobile phones and other devices anytime and anywhere. However, with the gradual popularization of wireless Internet, two new nouns confuse users. What is the difference between WLAN and WIFI? What's the connection?

WLAN introduction:

Full name: Wireless Local Area Networks, Chinese explanation is: the Wireless Local Area network, is a kind of using RF (Radio Frequency RF) technology for data transmission system, the emergence of the technology is used to make up for the inadequacy of wired LAN, in order to achieve the purpose of the network, Wireless Local Area network can use simple access architecture allows users through it, no cables, no distance limit of the network connection. It covers a range of 5 km. WiFi is a subset of WLAN, and WiFi is a short-range wireless communication technology, while WLAN can build a strong telecom level Internet and arrange multiple AP (hotspot), such as campus wireless LAN.

The communication system, as an alternative to wired LAN, is generally used in the same building. WLAN USES the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) radio broadcast spectrum to communicate. WLAN's 802.11a standard USES 5 GHz bands, with the maximum speed of 54 Mbps, while 802.11b and 802.11g USES 2.4ghz band, respectively, which supports the maximum speed of 11mbps and 54 Mbps respectively.

Currently, WLAN contains protocol standards: ieee802.11b, ieee802.11a, ieee802.11g, ieee802.11e protocol, ieee802.11i protocol, and wireless application protocol (WAP).

WIFI introduction:

WIFI technology is based on IEEE 802. 11 series standard brand of wireless network communication technology, the purpose is to improve the wireless network based on the IEEE 802.11 standard interoperability between products, by the wi-fi Alliance (wi-fi Alliance), held by simply WIFI is a kind of wireless networking technology, through the network connection to the computer before, and now is connected by radio waves.

Like bluetooth, WIFI technology is a short-range wireless technology that is used in offices and homes. The technology USES a frequency band around 2.4ghz, which is currently unlicensed radio frequency band. There are two criteria that can be used at present: ieee802.11a and ieee802.11b. Because of its advantages, the technology is favored by manufacturers.

The popular point is that WIFI is essentially a commercial authentication, but also a wireless networking technology that used to connect computers to the Internet, and now it's connected to the Internet via radio waves. In common is a wireless router, then cover the range of the wireless router waves can be connected to the Internet, using WIFI connection if the wireless router to connect an ADSL line or other Internet line, also known as "hot spots".

Differences between WLAN and WIFI:

Pass on in the face of the introduction, in fact, WIFI is WLAN (wireless local area network (LAN) alliance) of a trademark, the trademark is only guaranteed to use the trademark goods can cooperation between each other, actually has nothing to do with standard itself, but because of WIFI mainly adopts 802.11 b protocol, so people get used to call 802.11 b agreement with WIFI. From the inclusion relationship, WIFI is included in WLAN and is a new technology in the WLAN protocol.

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Wlan and wifi are both types of wireless transmission, and here are the similarities and differences between them.Do you know what's the difference between bluetooth and WiFi?