Smart transfer new technology to intercept harassing phone calls

Era of mobile Internet, mobile phone officially upgraded to "intelligent partner" by the majority of users, not only is the important tool of work and leisure, but also a comprehensive understanding of users think of artificial intelligence, optimize people's life style. Meanwhile, the rapid development of telemarketing, thanks to the popularity of mobile phones, has formed a marketing model that can compete with traditional sales. After years of selling the phone "baptism", the user's protection awareness of the user's phone number has been improved, but the bizarre is that the person's information will still be leaked.

With the increase of the leakage of personal information, people are the dangers of harassing phone calls, harassing phone calls to let people do not have a good rest, which also contributed to the work of some influence, it, for they are and not good. Then you ask, isn't there any good way to solve it? Naturally, the development of science and technology will solve many problems. It will bring many problems. It will bring people to the phone, and there will be things that will stop the harassment phone. Security anti-virus software on your phone can intercept a phone call to some extent, but there are some calls you can't intercept, so what do you do? In one survey, half of the people don't know what to do, some people will know by intercepting way to intercept the signal harassing phone calls, online cell phone signal blocker, this is very good solve these problems.

One operator pilot launched in April 2016 suspected telephone harassment fraud alert service, through the analysis of the large data modeling, identification of suspected harassment fraud phone, and make early warning alert in a timely manner to the user.

But for mobile phone users, early warning is not enough, although awareness will be enhanced and the chance of fraud will be reduced, but the call itself has caused harassment.Internet companies have jointly piloted a new technology to "smart transfer" calls to suspected harassing calls such as high frequency calls. When the number dialing a user's cell phone in the database of suspicious phone calls, it will be automatically transferred to the "and message" platform. The phone will not ring the bell, so as to avoid the user's interference. At the same time, if there is a message on the call, the user can listen to the message or call back after the warning, so as not to miss the phone by blocking.

In the face of serious personal information disclosure, I also need to strengthen the protection of my own information. For personal identification, such as mobile phone Numbers private data to improve the protection consciousness, it is not easily will tell this information to strangers or retained in the public places, to prevent criminals to collect and interference with life or commit fraud.

From this point of view, it can be said that spam is becoming more and more difficult. He pointed out that spam messages, as a whole, have been greatly reduced in recent years, first because of the lack of spam messages sent through fake base stations after the fake base station governance. In addition, after several well-known telecom fraud cases last year, the state has intensified its crackdown on malicious fraud information, coupled with the popularity of real-name registration, and the number of scam texts being significantly reduced.

The development of big data makes people's information collected. Our information storage is not safe and easy to leak.Personal information breaches and harassing phone calls rampant.

Illegal SMS and scam messages can be blocked and filtered through sending source, keyword information, etc. through technical means. But it is hard to define the value of the marketing messages sent by normal channels.The governance of spam messages has always been difficult, and it is only one of them.On the one hand to the carriers, there is no way to huge amounts of information to identify each message to see if there is value, whether to send the right to meet the needs of users, and under the condition of the message content is not illegal, operators do not have permissions to intercept without authorization.

Operators should not be responsible for the role of the first enforcer of spam messages. Too much "is the enterprise operators, it is difficult to exercise the administrative responsibility, and even can be thought of as operators itself is stakeholders, neither the permissions to also have no incentive to take the initiative to limit, not to use the merchants of the SMS platform to send business by text.