Desktop GSM jammer are used in the home


As Internet users and mobile phone users continue to climb in recent years, the speed of the GSM network is far from satisfying people's needs. In particular, the continuous growth of the data business requires the carrier to continuously expand the network and divide the community to meet the user's needs. At the bottom of the GSM network, the noise will be continuously raised, which requires stronger base station signals to ensure the smooth flow of communication networks. In order to build more base stations, such a vicious circle will directly affect the quality of mobile phone calls.Introduction to GSM mobile phone and network.

In addition, mobile GSM network data wireless resources have been occupied more than voice services, and data business not open downlink power control, use of data business objective also lift the noise at the bottom of the network.

To this, the network optimization engineers are actively looking for a variety of ways to reduce the network interference, improve the quality of speech, including opening AMR, GPRS downlink power control, regulation and control of dynamic data resources, such as, the uplink space-time interference suppression of diversity reception technology STIRC merging algorithm can be through the use of advanced signal processing algorithm to reduce noise interference, improve the quality of calls.

Wifi network popularization, at home, we have installed our wifi, we can use our wifi, don't worry about the trap of wifi, but have you ever thought of wifi may be attacked by others? There have been such things as people who used their own wifi, and then somehow stolen money, which made him wonder why the wifi at home was attacked by criminals. Desktop Wifi jammer are widely used in many places, such as home, school, library, etc.