How to block cell phone signals? It can help you out.

Cell phones are an indispensable partner in our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a real attack on our privacy. The same architecture of the system, "mobile phone" orientation of transmitters and receivers can let anyone although where he was mobile phones at any time the concept of fuzzy, but the case even if the device shut down.Using a 3g 4g cell phone jammer can block these signals.

Harassing phone calls and ringtones, etc, we need through the phenomenon of mobile phone signal if there is no mobile phone signal, will completely solves the trouble of cell phone jammers is a tool for shielding cell phone signal, what signal can the phone jammer block?

However, regular mobile phone radiation very short signal switching, known as the "emergency", which makes the cellular network can be ready to send and know the how much a phone (and which one). When a smartphone is connected to a network, it can transmit more information: it seems that it can be remotely activated and switched to an ambient microphone. I can use GPS to transmit very precise coordinates, and so on. The classic is to ask snowden to put his phone in the refrigerator to protect them. Now let's analyze two different situations:

personal safety

Who have special security requirements, and like the authorities or other non traccino his movement (quiet) have to do is take out the battery from the phone, and from that time it is also more clutter is just some plastic and metal. Some theories suggest that some models retain the remaining transmission capacity due to the use of a second battery, but there is no proof.

It is not enough to remove the SIM card, because each cell phone has a very accurate IMEI serial number. Once installed, it is easy to let the bad "voyeurs" connect the SIM to IMEI. If you don't want to be crazy, disassembling and reassembling the battery destroys the phone and you need to block the signal.

Given the customer's expectations and a large number of production, this is difficult, the mobile phone is very powerful and well-made transmitter and receiver. To completely mask the signal, if you are very close to your provider's antenna, the signal attenuates to 100 Db. In short, this means that shielding must be ten billion times stronger than the signal transmitted by mobile phones. If you are far away, less, but we must be safe. In order to completely block the cell phone, no silk cage is needed.

Out of curiosity, I tried to turn off the phone with a different metal cage, with a mesh of more or less thick, in an aluminium-covered antistatic bag, and finally in the microwave. In all cases, the phone has a attenuated signal and continues to work normally. The opening in the shield always allows radio waves to pass. This means that only complete shielding, or sealing it in a sealed metal box with a certain thickness, is sufficient.

Other experiments have shown that wrapping your phone with aluminum foil is enough to "completely block", and two or three layers are enough to move forward.

My homemade, but very effective solution is the classic stainless steel "cradle". Put it there, in the eyes of the national security agency, the mother-in-law, and even the martians, the phone is completely invisible, just in case! Someone in my newsroom is looking forward to my results. And you don't even need to take out the battery. Those who want can also use one of these external rechargeable batteries to charge and bury it to avoid the bad guys.

block buildings or communities

We know that if you don't want to turn it into an armored sarcophagus, blocking a building is impossible. Each opening will let the beehive pass. At this point, the solution is not perfectly legal, is to buy a jamming device, called the jammer, if use interference devices in the home, so not only can bring life to your family difficulties, will also bring neighbors and "occasionally" bystander troubles in life.

There are a few - even portable - on the Internet - not only to block GSM signals, but also to block GPS. These last tools are so valuable to car thieves that they solve some of the problems of burglary equipment. You see the Jammer model above cost about $259, is a battery, as high as 15 meters, prevent any GPS/GSM signal (or even American) wi-fi, bluetooth, and even new Lojack for car alarm. A true dream, in a small price, privacy is priceless!

Of course, there are bigger jammers designed to shield the entire floor or place from a secret meeting costing thousands of euros. Block the entire building of sensitive material and information flow... Difficult! Unless the neighbors get angry.


Posted by gningakoe 2018-06-23

Thank you for sharing tips on how to block cell phone signals. They may help me when I don't want to receive calls.Others say the best way to block cell phone communication is to use a cell phone jammer.