Americans take the bus with their cell phone jammers

The chance to play in public can be disruptive to others.

One afternoon in early September, Andrew, a San Francisco architect, boarded the train and sat next to a woman in her 20s. Because the woman along the way has been holding a mobile phone in the chatter, therefore, Andrew decided to be a "mobile phone vigilantes" - he put his hand into his shirt pocket, according to the size of a cigarette case inside the button in the mobile phone signal jammer.

As a result, a powerful radio signal from the jammer would be sufficient to cut all cell phone signals within a radius of 9 meters.

Andrew was reluctant to reveal his surname because his actions were illegal in the United States. "After I pressed the button, she continued talking for about 30 seconds before realizing that the signal had been cut off," he said. Andrew said his first reaction was to feel "free" when he first realized he could cut off other people's cellphone signals.

With the rapid rise of mobile phone users, it is almost impossible to avoid the noise interference from other people's mobile phones in public. Thus, the United States began to have a small but rapidly increasing number of "rebels" and began to use a direct means - cell phone signal jammers to counter this interference.

Increased demand for jammers

Cell phone signal jammer is not a new technology, but in recent years, americans for jammer demand continues to increase, every month there are thousands of jammer from overseas to the United States, federal government and mobile phone industry began to attach importance to this problem. It is reported that the purchase of jammers includes cafes, hair salons, cinemas and hotel owners, public speakers, bus drivers, and even more bus passengers.

Until now, people seem to be opened within the scope of a listening "of air battle" - informal phone chatter to those "unarmed" others causing interference, and the use of jammers in punishing the people chat at the same time, but also harm the innocent people the right to use of mobile phones.

James katz, director of the center for mobile communications research at rutgers university in New Jersey, believes, "one of the defining characteristics of the 21st century is that we are no longer constrained by the interests of others. People who talk on the phone feel they have to consider their rights first, and those who use jammers feel that their rights are more important.

Can be fined up to $11,000

In the United States, the use of jammers is illegal, and the right of cell phone users to use the signal is protected by law. According to the FCC, first-time offenders can be fined up to $11,000 for using jammers. At present, the authorities have sued the us companies and their customers who have sold the jammers.

Recently, however, an agency has applied to the communications commission to allow cell phone jammers to be used in specific areas, including prisons.

Interference signals or being exploited by criminals

The United States on behalf of the organization "by the American association for the wireless mobile network operators believe that operators spend tens of billions of dollars to the U.S. government rent, signal network and one operator network construction and maintenance cost could be $6.5 billion a year, so the signal can't interference, of course. In addition, they believe that interference signals can even be used by criminals, causing people to be unable to communicate with the outside world in an emergency.

Why do you want to carry a mobile phone jammer when we're out? One reason is that we worry that the phone will be the device we are tracking, we need to block the tracking signal, and the other reason is to stop people from calling out loud.Is there a device that can help me avoid tracking of my cell phone?