Using a cell signal jammer is jamming

You know what? The phone has no signal to go out, may not be related to the communication base station, more time is related to the mobile signal jammer.

The use of equipment by the compliance unit causes interference

Test, in order to prevent cheating in school when school opens jammer device, but they are not necessarily at the end of the exam immediately turn off, plus beyond launch, will lead to people around the user can't get through mobile phone, now a lot of a few large exam, will open signal jammer, fair and open to do the test. Guizhou mobile network network center network center interference special engineer zhang hongqiang introduction.

So how does a signal jammer affect mobile communications? The image of liang xiaohong, manager of the optimization room of guizhou mobile network network center, has an analogy: for example, the teacher is in class, while others are dancing square in the outside square, and music is very large. Because the frequency is consistent, the noise will cause the teacher to make it unclear and the students can't hear clearly. The jammer will affect the communication signal through a similar process. The signal jammer is the signal interference that produces the same frequency, the cell phone can not receive, can not distinguish the signal.

According to the introduction, it is more common to use mobile communication jammers to make mobile communication difficult. These include the use of an inadvertent use of the compliance unit, and also illegal use. According to xu fengfeng, a researcher at the supervision and inspection office of the radio authority of guizhou province, the use of mobile communication jammers should be approved and filed in accordance with the state regulations. The compliance unit caused by the careless use of improper interference found in the location of the installation, or debugging technical parameters such as unreasonable transmitted power is too large, etc., and affect the public mobile communication.

Use jammer to disable GPS

Illegal use refers to the use of products that are not inspected by the state, and have not been approved by the state security department without the approval of the radio administration department.

There are many cases of illegal use of jammers. Among them, there is a suspicion that the use cell phone signal jammer let phone around the home is not equipped with amplifier. "In guiyang coal mine village, a boss owns a small hotel himself. He secretly bought an amplifier on the Internet. Who would have thought that this amplifier would magnify a useful signal while also amplifying the interference signal, which would cause problems for the peripheral users to call." Liang xiaohong, manager of the optimization room of guizhou mobile network center, told reporters.

Zhang hongqiang, a special engineer at guizhou mobile network network center, has also encountered the use of jammers to keep the vehicles. Once, there was a user complaint in jinyang district, saying that the phone had no signal. Zhang hongqiang and technical personnel through the professional equipment, finally locked the source of the interference - a door locked in the warehouse. Originally, the warehouse was owned by a guaranteed mortgage company, which had a lot of mortgage luxury cars, with GPS positioning. To prevent these vehicles from being found by other creditors, the company's boss turned on the jammer to disable GPS. Because the setting power is too big, make the surrounding mobile phone become "dumb".

More than 1,100 communities have serious disturbances

According to zhang hongqiang, the use of jammers has a great impact on public communication, which can lead to communication disruption. According to guizhou mobile real-time interference analysis, now has more than 1100, the province interfere with serious community there are 115 high interference of guiyang area, of which 105 are caused by external disturbance, and the external disturbance is jammers.

In recent years, the use of mobile communication jammers has occurred in illegal and illegal Settings, affecting the infinite network. In the first half of this year alone, the provincial radio authority (radio authority) issued 13 cases of the use of mobile communication jammers.

There's a lot of fun in countries around the world using cell phone jammers, a recent news report,Americans take the bus with their cell phone jammers.Why use this kind of interference device, is to protect good environment, do not suffer noise pollution.