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Australian men use snack packs to block GPS tracking signals

With the development of GPS tracking technology, our personal location information becomes more important, and if you are not careful, you will get caught up in the tracking. GPS, cell phones, smartwatches, and so on are installed in the car, and see how popular GPS is now. Some people even use GPS to manipulate your phone, including your camera, to record your voice and screen.

In the face of these GPS tracking, many people, like Colella, have taken some steps to protest, using a simpler distraction. More of it is using GPS signal jammer, which can be a good jammer for GPS tracking signals and better protect their whereabouts.

Some companies are trying to track their employees' whereabouts in order to worry about their employees being lazy at work. The most common way for companies to use GPS is to check their location at any time. But it's also a privacy issue, and some people don't like the idea of being watched, even at work. In Perth, in western Australia, there was a water company, Aroona, who protested in its own way.

Aroona previously sent a staff to only has built-in GPS tracking function of PDA, and Mr Colella is 60 years old this year, is a electrical technicians, in this way for a company to monitor his whereabouts, senior to reflect their frustration but didn't get adopted, he USES his own methods to protest: he put the PDA in the empty "Twisties" corn snack bags, in this way to cover the GPS signal, and then ran off to play golf. He slipped away to play golf more than 140 times during his time at work.

Use their own professional Colella, know as the package of snacks containing the composition such as aluminum metal and polyester film, so you can form a Faraday cage (Faraday cages), due to the electrical conductivity of the metal, even if a Faraday cage by a lot of current, internal objects by current are slim. In the face of electromagnetic wave, can effectively prevent electromagnetic wave enter. Therefore, GPS satellite signals can also be covered.

Investigators in fwa Bernie Riordan said in his report, think Colella director is looking at Colella PDA into snack bags, "Colella manager knew that he put his PDA snack bags, should also want to know this action will influence on the PDA." His head of Aroona company allow such behavior felt puzzled: I don't understand why Aroona companies allow such action, but this clearly show Mr Colella don't want to be the intention of the track.

Colella was eventually fired by Aroona and now a full-time Uber driver. Uber, however, are used as the GPS to track his position, don't know that he is in the matter?

In this news, you can see, a lot of places to use the GPS, mobile phone, install the GPS chip, can accurately according to your location, navigation appears to provide convenience for you, but could be your cell phone GPS could be your tracking, monitoring tools. Many smart devices now have GPS installed, and many apps need GPS access to better use.

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