Vehicle GPS navigation and mobile navigation comparison


Navigation is one of the most commonly used configurations in our daily life, and the application of navigation has become an important component in both urban and long-distance driving.GPS satellite navigation technology is widely used in various fields, especially in vehicle and military.United States and Russia over GPS on offensive and defensive war.

With the development of technology and application of vehicle navigation is no longer higher-end models unique configuration, a lot of models in the end, even the low-end models are equipped with navigation, let's say goodbye to the "blind" era.

Although navigation provides us with convenient, also can give criminals convenience, we can use the GPS navigation, they also can use GPS tracking to us, if you want to use the GPS navigation, and want to protect their travel safety, avoid GPS tracking, portable car GPS jammer is your best choice.

When the car navigation market is in the ascendance, the advent of mobile navigation lets us have another choice. Mobile phones with the promotion of the development of navigation, now the popularity of cell phone navigation for vehicle navigation an awkward situation, vehicle-mounted navigation always poking fun at the map to an old, upgrade, difficult, convenient and mobile navigation map upgrade for free, so there will be more and more people support mobile navigation, or even replace vehicle navigation.

Mobile navigation has a lot of advantages over car navigation: it is convenient to update and not pay for the WiFi at home. And the phone itself also comes with a SIM card, can real-time monitor the flow, we can also see roads, no blocking by the wall, where you, in a word, is that cell phones are very, very high mobility.

The disadvantages of vehicle-mounted navigation are also prominent. Inaccurate navigation information. The practical map package for in-car navigation is downloaded in advance, and there is no way to update the address information timely and accurately. This leads to a familiar place where navigation is not required and where navigation is not possible. Mobile navigation is different, and mobile navigation through 4G network can timely and effectively update address information for easy use.

The road condition information feedback is not timely. Drivers in the past especially like to listen to traffic broadcasts because radio stations are able to report changes in road conditions. Vehicle-mounted navigation, which can only indicate roads, can exacerbate congestion. The second advantage of mobile navigation through 4G link network is that it can timely and effectively respond to the traffic condition information, where the road is built, where traffic jams can be timely informed, so as to respond.

The cost of car navigation is high. The phone is picked up by GPS signals and then positioned and guided according to our positioning. So, if you don't stop at this point, and you're a little bit faster, some phones don't necessarily follow, there's a possibility of delay. And in-car navigation because it is a professional for navigation, it basically the aerial navigation and the car can be integrated is very good, the equipment internal gyroscope relatively specifications than the mobile phone is high, and volume is big. Another advantage of vehicle-mounted navigation is that the positioning effect is very good. The most important thing is that car navigation is not affected by the phone, which affects the whole trip and security.

Which navigation do you prefer, comparing the pros and cons of in-car navigation and mobile navigation? What do you often use?