Drivers using mobile phones will be banned from driving


Driving the use of mobile phones has become the habit of the vast majority of drivers, this is very bad habit, driving the use of mobile phones will not only affect its own security, more will endanger others, traffic road safety. How to ban the use of mobile phones has become a social issue. The use of a vehicle cell phone jammer can prohibit the use of mobile phones in bad habits.

While driving, the people who were caught on the phone turned the screws around. The first suspension is due to the first offence at the maximum of three months, and if repeated, it could become six. The house transportation committee has actually approved the amendment to section 173 of the road law. In addition, license fines and reduced points increase.

The amendment changed the practice of suspending driving licences for only the second time in two years. More generally, it is also intended to ensure the safety of cyclists and children.

"The commission, we finish the inspection of the goods is close to and by the way, I think the bill amendment, in different emergency light on road safety: change the rules of the road number and pressing accidents and dangerous behavior" chamber of transportation committee chairman Michael metcalfe (Michele Meta) is also the case of Chen.

"Technology innovation - said yuan - must always be to improve auto safety tools, as a standard, this also included in the above the law, have an obligation to antiabbandono children's device, however, when the technology become distractions, because recent studies have shown that the cause of road traffic accident, we must have the courage to respond by this rule.

"Satisfaction, the government's approach is to be approved by the surveyor. This is the only has the right to take a tougher stance, to restrict the use of smart phones and electronic devices, today's leading the cause of death and injury in the road, "said vice minister of infrastructure and transport.

"The government intends to dissolve the three most important nodes in order to ensure the safety of the road," Nencini said. In addition to the license for people who use smart phones and other electronic devices while driving to immediately stop, there are "for the driver to keep the safe distance of at least a meter and a half by the cyclist's request, in the process of overtaking" "have a duty to equipment for children car seats, provide children with an abandoned equipment". Save the cyclists in addition to "specification, we have already foreseen the increased deputy minister - in Italy's huge investment on four big bicycle route, other plan in the next city plan".

Driving to see the phone is one of the causes of traffic accidents.