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Office install the cell phone jammer reasonable?


An office is a place for dealing with a particular transaction or providing a service. Work is to provide office place, different types of enterprises, office space, office equipment, office workers and other auxiliary equipment, in the office for put something helpful to people and working atmosphere.With the development of economy, the office is more and more high-end now, whether in area or decoration and decoration, it is very high atmosphere and high end. This kind of good environment gives us a comfortable feeling, the purpose is to let the employee can work well, create more value for the company, realize their dream.

Good environment of important meetings requires phone jammers.Make employees more focused on their work, not their phones.

At the same time, with the development of smart phones and the Internet, a cell phone seems to be a man's hands and the scar, their mobile phone time on your hands or beside, it is extremely convenient for them, but do this to their life and work is bad, mobile phone radiation will affect their health, mobile phone in the side will also affect their work efficiency.

From time to time to see mobile phone has now become a habit of the vast majority of people, some companies in order to ensure that the work efficiency, in the office area installed cell phone blocker, let they work cell phone no signal, it is what feeling for them?

We know that some people's idea, they feel like this is very inconvenient for them, because it may make them miss important phone calls, some irreparable damage, they are strongly opposed.Others say that it doesn't matter, that they use the phone at a very small rate, and that installing the phone jammer can make people who are used to lazy, inefficient people work better.For managers, they think that such a measure is necessary, otherwise there is no way to guarantee the progress of the work, no guarantee efficiency, installed mobile phone jammer, can let the time they will see the mobile phone on work.

Do you think it is reasonable to install a mobile phone jammer in your office? Will this backfire? Do you see the office area where the phone jammer is installed? What about the ideas and managers of the employees?Install mobile phone jammers is a necessity, if you can control the use of mobile phones and guarantee the working efficiency, I want to also won't install mobile phone signal jammer, after all, everyone's approach is to work.