Cell phone radiation may cause related problems

With the development of smart phones, mobile phone is very common in the family, almost every family each member have their own mobile phone, not only such, Lookout: data showed that 62% of American households have at least a spare phone. The smart phone brings a rich experience to our life, which greatly facilitates our daily life and work. But the problems always coexist with the advantages, so how to solve the radiation problems caused by smartphones naturally becomes a concern. In a survey shows that some people in the face of the cell phone radiation, they usually solution is the phone as far as possible away from their body, and some people choose to use a portable cell phone signal blocker jammer, with the development of science and technology, mobile phone jammers has reduces the radiation, even zero radiation. This is obviously a good way for people to solve radiation problems than mobile phones.

"Although the science is still in development, but some public health professionals are still frequently for long-term use of cell phones while exposed to the radiation concerns," CDPH director and California public health officials, "said Dr Karen Smith," we know that the simple steps (such as not the phone in his pocket, took it out of bed at night), may help reduce exposure to children and adults. Children's brains are developing and are more susceptible to cell phone use. Parents should consider reducing the time they spend on their phones and encouraging them to turn off their phones at night.

Cell phone radiation not only causes a series of health problems, especially for children, their bodies are more vulnerable to injury, so reducing cell phone use is an important way to reduce radiation.Should parents allow children to use mobile phones? For this problem,I think the answer is no, cell phones affect children's growth and their learning.

What is cellphone radiation?

The phone emits radiofrequency energy (radiofrequency y energy) when sending and receiving signals and is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. This energy is also emitted when a cell phone USES wi-fi or bluetooth, but at a lower level. Radiofrequency energy does not damage cells or DNA as other electromagnetic radiation (such as x-rays and uv), but some studies suggest that rf energy may increase health risks.

What are the health risks of cellphone radiation?

Some studies have shown that frequent use of mobile phones may be associated with certain types of cancer and other health problems. Such as:

  • Brain tumor, auditory nerve tumor, salivary gland tumor
  • Low sperm count, no sperm activity or poor activity
  • Headaches can have an impact on learning, memory, hearing, behavior and sleep

But the scientists stressed that the study did not establish a very clear relationship, so it was not certain that the phones caused these health problems. But for families looking to reduce the impact of cell phone radiation.

Will cell phone radiation affect children more easily?

  • Cell phone radiation affects more areas of the child's brain than the adult brain.
  • Children's brains and bodies are in developmental stages, more susceptible to cell phone radiation and lasting longer.
  • The use of mobile phones from childhood has been more exposed to cellphone radiation than people who have been using their phones since they were adults.

Research on the effects of cellphone radiation on children's health is limited, but a handful of studies have found that children's use of mobile phones can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, headaches and general health declines.

How to reduce cell phone radiation?

  1. Keep your phone away from your body.
  2. Reduce or avoid the use of mobile phones while mobile phones emit high levels of rf energy.
  3. Don't put your cell phone in bed or near your head when you sleep.
  4. Using cell phone signal blocker jammer, the mobile phone signal jammer has no radiation and does not affect the normal work of other devices.

In addition to the above common methods of reducing cell phone radiation, what better way to solve it? Mobile phone radiation problems, has become the inevitable problems in many families, these problems are not only among adults, they have penetrated the young children, it involves to the healthy growth of the children problem, we must be on and attention.