Should parents allow children to use mobile phones?


Nowadays, many parents buy mobile phones for their children. The starting point is good, but it also has disadvantages and may do more harm than good. For example, playing mobile games? Now mobile game is emerge in endlessly, the temptation for children is very large, they have no self-control of us adults, many of the children young heart suddenly be captivated by the game, this will affect children's learning is very big. What are the security risks for children? As a parent you should know:

Since children are underage and have poor mental and self-control skills, they may often use their phones in dark conditions and need to take into account their health problems.Playing with your phone in a dark environment can lead to glaucoma.

For should give children to buy mobile phones, many parents believe that home economic conditions is good, can give children to buy mobile phones, they have a cell phone for parents is a security measure, they can always understand to their child's dynamic, very easy to contact them.

And some parents don't think they can buy a cellphone for their children. On the one hand, the main task of children is to learn. If they buy mobile phones, they will spend a lot of time on mobile phones, which will have an impact on their study. Children, on the other hand, have poor self-control and are vulnerable to temptation. Nowadays complex Internet forms, various kinds of network fraud, Internet pornography, these are extremely unfavorable to the growth of children. These problems are universal and most parents worry about.

If your child is addicted to the phone, what should you do with it? Would you consider using a cell phone jammer kit to learn instead of putting down your phone?

Many parents buy mobile phones for their children to make their lives easier, safer and more convenient for them to connect with their children. For example, when parents go to school to pick up their children, the children can call them, or the children can get lost or make a phone call, or go somewhere to have a safe trip. However, the use of mobile phones may actually cause more harm than parents trying to protect their children.

Physical hazards of cell phone use include electromagnetic radiation; Talking on the phone while walking, children are easily distracted, and may cause accidental injury; Teenagers use mobile phones or phone conversations while driving, and may cause traffic accidents.

Complex Internet environments make your child more dangerous. They lack self-control, and the information on the Internet makes them vulnerable to temptation. The other dangers of mobile phones are physical and psychological. Like cyber-bullying, adults and children, harassing others by sending threatening or rude messages to their mobile phones. Sexual predators use mobile phones to entice their children to meet, while gps-equipped phones are used to locate victims.

If they don't know the caller or know the phone number, they don't answer the phone or text. "Sexting" refers to people sending color/love text messages or photos on their mobile phones. Besides this behavior is illegal, and they may be due to manufacture and distribute children color/feeling products prosecuted, children should be aware that once you send photos, will never be able to recover, it can be easily forwarded to other mobile phone users or posted on the Internet, cause extreme humiliation.

To avoid this, parents can talk to your children and not use their mobile phones to show pictures of them or their friends.

Knowing so much, do you think parents should buy their children's mobile phones? Although mobile phones can bring us convenience, they also pose a threat to children.