Use a signal jammer to grab the doll

We should all have seen the kind of game machines that grab dolls and throw coins in the mall. It's not easy to catch a doll. In nanjing hexi, however, Mr Wang in a supermarket on the doll machine found that the baby always quickly recently in the machine were caught out, something is wrong. He watched the waiting nearby and found the problem.

Mr. Wang has 10 scratch machines in the store, and a vending machine that allows customers to pay for the game in cash or on the Internet. Mr. Wang observed that when the four young people came to catch the doll, the automatic coin machine did not enter the account, but the game currency disappeared mysteriously. The store recorded a loss of about 15,000 games.

According to the survey, the four young people came from the same unit. They caught the doll not by luck, but by the illegal use of jammers. In front of the police, the criminal suspect li mou of coin machine interference button, sale coin machine soon spit out the 13 game currency. According to the suspect, they've been to the store dozens of times since October, and they've been able to steal 20 or 30 dolls each time.

signal jammer blocker

According to the observation period of time, wang found that several young people often come to play catch machine, playing for hours, took a pile of dolls to leave every time. They have also spent thousands of yuan in a few days, according to the amount of money spent. This made Mr. Wang suspicious. On November 5, three of the young people to play video games again, he called the police.

At first, the trio insisted that they were buying games to play. However, the police found a suspicious cigarette case on their body, and it was actually a jammer blocker.

Li explained that they saw a demo of the game coin distractor on the Internet, and they were curious to buy it, but they didn't realize that they could actually spit out the COINS, and then they used the free game coin to catch up with the doll.

Because the doll in the home too much, li mou of three men on the Internet or roadside stalls selling toys for profit. At present, three people have been criminally coerced in connection with the theft.

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