What electronic equipment can be jamming with jammers blockers

High power jammers are used in many places, so what kind of electronic devices can jammers block? It depends on the radio waves at which signal frequencies you use in your electronics.

Some people may want to buy jammers, but they are not sure whether the jammer can meet their own requirements, or interfere with the equipment they want to block. What device can the jammer interfere with? Here we talk about that.

Signal jammers are electronic devices that are intended to block different frequency bands according to their specifications. These specifications may include many different frequencies that the jammer will be successfully block.

So, the key to determine whether the jammer can interfere with the device you want is to see whether the device's work requires signal transmission or not.

Such as cell phone jammer can interfere with the phone calls, this is because the phone calls need signal transmission, including GSM, 3G, 4G. It is important to know that the phone calls in different places are different. Therefore, we should choose the cell phone jammer that can block the exact local phone signals.

In addition to mobile phone jammers (corresponding to GSM, 3G, 4G signals), there are GPS jammer that can block GPS signals. They can interfere with GPS tracker, GPS navigator and so on. Similarly, Bluetooth, WiFi jammer interference with wlan signal, the corresponding block the WiFi devices, such as wireless networks. UHF / VHF bands (including LoJack), and satellite XM radio jammers can interfere with the devices which use these signal.

And some devices such as fixed phones, they will not be affected by any signal interference, because it use line. So even if you use the GSM / 3G blocker, your fixed phone will be fine.

So if you want to use WiFi jammer, keep in mind that your own wireless internet will also be blocked. And do not forget the satellite signal of the TV, because sometimes this exclusive interference may affect it if the frequency is the same.

All in all, jammers can interfere with the devices that mainly need signal transmission when working. So, before selecting the jammer, please confirm the signal you want to interfere with and select the jammer corresponding to the signal, so as to meet your requirements.If you need a gsm disrupter, click here to view  gsm signal jammer shopping guide.